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Mar 12, 2007 12:12 PM

Birthday dinner in DC?

My SO's birthday is Friday and we're trying to decide where to eat for the occasion.
Some years we've done Obelisk. We've tried CityZen and Maestro: both just okay at the time.
We're thinking of Komi but are open to any and all suggestions, especially new joints. No Jeff Tunks, no Roberto Donna. Ideally a place featuring a great wine list.


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  1. Komi is killer

    If you aren't tied to DC I'd see if you could get in the tasting room at Restaurant Eve or into 2941.

    Additionally you might consider Palena.

    1. I second Komi. Truly excellent.

      1. My husband took me to Palena for my birthday and it was wonderful; we went to Central for his and had terrific meals and cocktails.

        Palena would be more intimate, Central much more bustling, if "vibe" makes a difference to you.

        1. You're right to consider Komi. Call them and try to go - just had another fabulous dinner there on Friday night - you won't be disappointed.

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            out of curiosity, how veggie friendly is Komi?

            oops nevermind - they must have updated their site, and I got a little look at their offerings.