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Mar 12, 2007 11:34 AM

Eigensinn Farm- Comments?

I'm considering having my big splurge of 2007 here... Anyone got any details they want to share about this place, and when is the best time of the year to go?

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  1. It's only open for about 4-5 months starting in April usually. You will have to call and find out the opening dates. Also, you should book ASAP. Call the day before to find out what the menu will be, so that you can prepare your own wine for the dinner. Always a fun time on the farm.

    1. It depends if you want a menu based on vegetables available in the spring or around harvest time. We've been three times but always in late August or September. The first time we were there (2001) it was $130 pp, but is around double that now. It's worth going at least once. We usually stay at a B&B so we aren't driving back to Toronto on ethanol :-)

      1. We went approximately 3 years ago. We were on a wait list for a reservation of about 1 year. At that time Chef Stadtlander was only cooking Wednesdays and Saturdays. The dining room only seats about 16-20. It was well worth the wait... best meal we've ever had. Back then it was $170 pp, I hear it is now about $250. Not cheap but a true gourmand experience.

        1. I just went for the first time, and although I enjoyed myself, it will probably be the only time--as one other poster put it, for the price and travel involved, there are meals just as good to be had in Toronto (where I live). Certainly not the same, of course!

          *Be warned that it can be tricky to find, and last I checked they didn't have a website.
          *Bringing your own wines is definitely a plus, and I also liked the homey feel of the dining room.
          *The food: the food was very good, fresh, creative, beautiful, and mostly served on funky earthenware.

          One thing I did notice, is that they pace every table the same. E.g. a table that arrived on time was not served their second course until a late arriving table finished their first course, which took a good half hour--kind of a bummer for a $500 dinner (plus B&B for those living outside Singhampton)!

          1. I'd always been intrigued by Stadtlander's dedication to a local, organic, sustainable lifestyle and was looking forward to seeing him, and trying some food, at the 2006 Feast Of Fields in Caledon. He was roasting a wild boar on a big giant spit with a big line up of people wanting to try a sample. When I finally got my sample I was not overwhelmed. If I had spent the significant time and money required to visit his world-class restaurant and was served this in a main course, then I'd not be very happy. Now I know it was pretty much a zoo at the Feast Of Fields, but he didn't come across as very personable or friendly either. I guess he doesn't much like crowds of enthusiastic food lovers which might explain why his home base is an isolated farm/restaurant.