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Vietnamese food in Nashville

Embarrased to say it took this long,but the cluster of Vietnamese restaurants on Charlotte are cool. Cheap, good food. Any others been there?

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  1. Can you give name and specific location? I'd like to check one out.

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      Miss Saigon is the one I ate at. My wife also ate at the other one in that mall and liked it too. Both had something to bring. Ate at one in Cool Springs but it was not as good. Kinda been through the "cool springs filter!"

    2. Love Kien Giang. I've been eating there forever, and I think it's the best of all the Charlotte Pike places. It's in the shopping center with the storage unit place and the new K&S Market. There is also Miss Saigon in the same shopping center, but I think Kien Giang is much better. We had to eat there last summer when KG was closed due to vacation, and I probably will never go back.

      1. Fellow Kien Giang patron here, stumbled upon it buying a snorkel at the place next door with a buddy about a year ago and make it back as often as possible. A huge vermicelli noodle bowl will set you back about what, 4 bucks? I have tried Miss Saigon and liked it as well, but I prefer Kien Giang.

        1. Thanks. I wil definitely check it out. I had already been told to check out the K&S Market, so I can knock out 2 birds. I am not a Vietnamese expert. Can you get those drip coffees with the condensed milk at the bottom? Yum, I love that.

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            Yes, KG makes the best Vietnamese Coffee! I think they have several kinds of coffee on their menu now, but it's obvious which is the kind with the sweetened condensed milk.

            I like any of the bun (noodles, herbs, and other greens in a bowl) dishes, especially the kind with the bbq meat on top. The omlette with shrimp appetizer is very good too.

          2. The Bun Thom Tit Nuong, with BBQ pork, shrimp, and vegetables over vermicelli at KG is great and the serving is large enough for 2. Miss Saigon does a nice version as well. Vin Lhong II is the other place I couldn't think of.

            1. Has Kien Giang changed owners? the last few times I have been there, there are new peolple working and some of the dishes are prepared differently?

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                I tried Kien Giang several years ago, as the first one of the bunch to open, and was blown away - amazing stuff, better than I've had it anywhere (although I'm no expert by any means). I've also tried the other ones, and have had mixed experiences, but nothing up to the measure of Kien Giang. I haven't tried any of these in a while, so don't know their current status.

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                  I went to KG last night. The restaurant is under new ownership as of 7 months ago. It was still good, but not quite as good as it used the be. The new owners have not changed the menu.

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                    I wnt to Kien Giang yesterday and it seems the same as it has been for years. Spring rolls, shrimp and pork pancake with a stack of leaf lettuce and mint for dipping, pho #3 with the tendon. Also there's a poboy with meatball that's good.