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Mar 12, 2007 11:31 AM

Royal Caribbean Cruise

Hi all- taking a cruise on R.C Legend of the Seas. Its a western caribbean leaving from Tampa, Florida and visiting George Town, Grand Cayman; Costa Maya, Mexico; Belize City, Belize; Cozumel, Mexico. Any advice (food or activities) for on the ship and in any of the ports, etc. Havn't cruised since I was a teenager on a Disney cruise. Any help is appreciated :)

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  1. The food is OK...hard to be gourmet when you are cooking for 2,000 people! Research which excursions you want to do before you go...I think you can even book online now so you don't have to try to sign up with everyone else at the same time (and then not get what you want). We always signed up for the early dinner, that way we could go to the show right after dinner and then go to bed! We were always exhausted at night - all the sun, booze, snorkeling, etc. If you are not a big "party animal", avoid the party boat excursions. They are truly "booze cruises" and unless you want to spend 2 or 3 hours with a bunch of very drunk people doing very stupid things, go for something else. Hope you have fun!

    1. I just went on a Celebrity Cruise and was surprisingly pleased with the quality of the food. Celebrity is owned by the same company as RC. Our travel agent told me Celebrity is like Lexus and RC is Toyota.

      If you are young (young in cruise terms is under 50) or don't have young children I say do late seating. We liked having time after getting back from port to shower, relax, and change leisurely for dinner. Our boat had sushi on the back deck from 5 pm on, so we would often get that as a predinner snack with drinks before dinner. Or most ships have free 24 hour room service, so we'd order a fruit plate and a cheese plate with some iced tea to have on our balcony and watch the sunset.

      We also loved the room service in the morning. I'd get the continental breakfast sent to the room and have my juice, coffee, and pastry on the balcony. We only ate dinner in the dining room. Lunch we'd go up to the pool deck and go through the buffet. They'd have omelettes to order, salad bar, pasta bar, pizza made to order, sandwiches, etc. Our ship also had a spa cafe by the pool with lighter/healthier fare. They made great pita sandwiches with grilled chicken.

      We cruised the Eastern Carribean so I can't help much with ports. If you snorkel or dive, Cozumel would be an ideal spot for one of those excursions. They are a bit overpriced compared to going on your own, but take care of all the travel and equipment for you. Have fun!

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        My husband worked for RCCL (the Celebrity side) for years. We cruised both and Royal and Celebrity are very different. For one, the food is much better on Celebrity. It's not bad on Royal, just not as high-end. I would say to go to the speciality restaurant one night (it's a $20-30 upcharge but food is significantly better than in dining room). Also, if you like this kind of food, Johnny Rocket's can be fun for a traditional burger and milkshake. There is a lighter option for food, but it's not structured the same as Celebrity, from what I remember. Definitely no sushi when we went on Royal. IMHO, the shows on a cruise show tend toward the cheesy side, so we always skipped them and did the later dinner seating to allow us extra time in the port and/or an afternoon nap after being in the sun all day. We definitely got a snack in the late afternoon.

        My husband says the best resource for people's thoughts on cruise lines is to go to

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          Thanks- we looked into both cruise lines, but since we are considered very young (25/26) we choose Royal Caribbean. A little bummed about the no sushi- but we can get that at home I suppose. We planned on the specialty rest. on our anniversary night (1 year wahoo!), is it dressy? We also booked the later seating, dfigured less rug rats that way too!

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            The speciality resto is dressy, but not tux dressy unless it's a formal night and you want to. DH just assured me that they do have sushi on Royal (just not sure where). I'm SO glad that I was wrong about that point! Have a great time - you will have lots of fun and you'll meet some fun people at the clubs on the ship! Enjoy....

      2. I was on RC last fall. During dinner, you get to select a main course. However, my husband and son occassionally ordered an extra main course btwn them. Apparently, it's allowed...and it was a nice way for me to tast a third (and fourth) main course. It might not be upscale compared to Celebrity, but I was pleased with most of our meals.