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Mar 12, 2007 11:27 AM


I notice there hasn't been anything posted on Jasper since 2005 and I was wondering if there was any new chowhound spots to recommend. I'm looking particularly for non high end stuff any type of cuisine.



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  1. Hey Aaron,
    I personally like both Fiddle River (good daily fish specials depending upon what they get) and Andy's Bistro for dinner. Beckers is excellent for fine dining (I had fabulous ostrich there). Soft Rock Cafe is where I go for breakfast in particular - really good coffee and esspressos, and great egg dishes, friendly and very casual.
    There's a great pizza/pasta place on Connaught next to the golf place and the candy/fudge place (perhaps called Avalanche?) for inexpensive, good pizzeria style food - I loved the pasta there (go figure!)

    1. arguably the best pizza in jasper (and the most questionable service) is jasper pizza on connaught drive. stay away from evil dave's ... looks very cool on the outside, but i found the food mediocre. best sandwiches or quick lunch in jasper - there's a place that's attached to a kitchen/garden/jewellery store that i never remember the name of, but truly great quick bites.

      1. There's a brewery-restaurant on the main strip, I think it's called Jasper Park Brewery or something. Anyhow, the beer is excellent (get the tasting pack) and the food is pretty good too (typical burgers, sandwiches, etc.)

        1. Anyone have any updates? Looking in particular for casual dinner and breakfast.

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            I am thinking of heading up there later in the week and if I do, will post.

            I somewhat ruefully have to admit that more often than not we have ended up during the afternoon in Earl's given we know what we are going to get and the view from their second floor vantage point is good.

            Just down the street I have heard good things about the Black Bear Bistro [uncertain about the name] but have not tried it.

            Have not tried Evil Dave's but given steph76's comments, probably just as well unless it has improved.

            We have not had success at Andy's Bistro so usually give it a pass as with Prime Rib Village at the Tonquin.

            For pizza, we usually get take out or deliverly from Lou-Lou's in the mall just down from Evil Dave's rather than the venerable L & W, Villa Caruso, etc..

            On the occasions we have decided to splurge at the JPL we have found the food ... not surprisingly ... overprices and underwhelming but of course the view and general ambience of the Edith Cavel is outstanding.

            I am with Mrs. Chris and her recommendation of Fiddle River depending upon what came in most recently. Unfortunately we have often been there before ski season kicks in and it has been closed.

            Usually stop for lunch at Papa George's en route to the west coast for their homemade fare in the Fall.

            Not much of a breakfast eater so cannot help although there is a spot across from the railway tracks that has good muffins and cinnamon buns. Unfortunately it seems to be hit and miss depending upon when you get there. One day great, another yesterday's stale or on the verge of being stale, leftovers.

            Must have ordered the wrong things at the brewery because unlike littlegreenpea we found the food quite poor and sodden with grease but the beers were not bad.

            If we go this week or next we'll post but more likely than not we'll be picking up some bread, pate and cheese for picnic's if the weather co-operates and head to Maligne Canyon or Pyramid Lake.

            Look forward to any recommendations others might have.

            1. re: Bob Mac

              I'm going on Saturday so I might even be there before you!

              With my luck the people I'm with will probably veto my suggestions and we'll end up eating fast food somewhere.

              1. re: Bob Mac

                I'll add my endorsement for Soft Rock and also mention that the Soft Rock "clone" (same owners?) is equally good and, depending where you're staying, can be a lot shorter of a walk and also have a lot less of a wait for the food or tables.

                I had a very good experience at Evil Dave's with a party of four in March 2007 and have recommended it several times but haven't been back myself since out of desire to try some new places.

                Fiddle River - endorse, great value and execution although 3 of their specials seem to be constant (steak, lobster, chicken) while the 4th one seems to rotate and was a delicious bison ragout earlier this month.

                Andy's - don't get me wrong, very good, but due to their reputation can be a hassle to get in and unfortunately they are so hyped up they're almost set up to disappoint. Called weeks in advance after hearing rave reviews and was offered crappy times like 5:30 or 9 or whatever on Saturday, then changed our trip (coincidentally, not because of this) and was able to get in on Friday at a more reasonable time. Too popular for its own good, and I think that's reflected in the prices.

                La Fiesta - enjoyed, especially the pitchers of mojitos.

                Candy - Candy Bear's Lair gets me every time.

                Bar for a quiet drink - go to the bar attached to the Prime Rib Village at the Tonquin Inn down at the east end of Connaught. Great bartender, places to sit, quiet enough to chat.

                Bar for the partiers - gotta be the Ded Dog on Connaught.

                Store to buy alcohol to consume in the hotel - there are a couple on Patricia that have excellent beer selections and surprisingly good wine selections.

              2. re: anonymoose

                Haven't been there since last summer, but doubt things have changed much (changes in Jasper happen slower than the glaciers are receding...).

                Breakfast - Soft Rock, south end of Connaught St, is the best. There is another place in a new building near the north end of Patricia that is OK, but seems to just have stolen the SR menu (literally), but the ambiance of SR makes it much better.

                Casual dining - is there anything else in Jasper? La Fiesta has been my favorite for several years now. Spanish tapas, Mexican, steaks...a bit of a fusion and well done.

                Other than that, there are a lot of OK places, like Jasper Pizza, L&W, Soft Rock has thai in the evenings that is acceptable.... but really, Jasper isn't a place to go for food. Andy's is OK, but a bit overpriced. Evil Daves less than OK. Really, going for the less ambitious is the best choice.
                I would, however, recommend avoiding Jasper Park Brewery. Tried it twice, and though the beer is drinkable (not necessarily good, but OK) the food was absolutely horrible both times. Once was dinner (steaks, etc) and once lunch (burgers, etc) and barely edible both times.

                1. re: Dan G

                  Thanks for the advice, will keep in mind.

                  1. re: Dan G

                    After reading the previous responses I was beginning to wonder if La Fiesta was still open ( we have not been to Jasper since last winter). We had some good meals there, it being one of the few places downtown that was usually open during the Xmas/New Year holiday.

                    1. re: felix the hound

                      I hope it is! It was last...June, maybe May...last time I was there.

                      1. re: Dan G

                        Dan G:

                        I am sure that when we were there in Oct/Nov it was closed. I had assumed it meant closed as in gone but perhaps they like many others were only temporarily shut down during the "hump" season between summer tourists having gone and ski season not yet started.

                        I will not be going this week-end but perhaps anonymoose can fill us in.

                        1. re: Bob Mac

                          the black sheep now Lou Lou's used to have great diner breakfast, did not go last time, but worth checking out.

                          we had a fantastic meal and great service at Andy's would return for sure.

                          1. re: Bob Mac

                            Will do my best!
                            Anyone have a pizza recommendation? There will be a bunch of teenagers with me and I have a feeling Andy's or a bar won't be ideal. ;)

                            1. re: anonymoose

                              the Lou Lou's place that I was mentioning was a pizza place, looked good, probably worth a try...

                  2. Back from Jasper; we decided to go to Lou Lou's BUT when we arrived there it was dark, although through the window you could see working coolers filled with pop. Found out much later that they moved down the road, close to La Fiesta and on the other side of the street. Was very disappointed and wish they had put up a sign at the old location.

                    La Fiesta is open, by the way.

                    Ended up at L&W for dinner instead. Food was generally ok but wait time for food was horrendous and restaurant was overcrowded. (They took chairs from the waiting area and started placing them at tables.)

                    Had to leave town early so unfortunately did not get to try Soft Rock or any other breakfast places other than A&W.

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                    1. re: anonymoose

                      Glad to hear La Fiesta is still there.

                      L&W...always packed, always slow...always just good enough to go back to, but not memorable.

                      1. re: Dan G

                        ditto in regard to Dan G's comments and observations....I do not think we will get to Jasper after all in the near future ... perhaps in May for our anniversary

                        1. re: Bob Mac

                          I cant help but notice of all the pizza reccomendations, nobody has mentioned North Face Pizza..... I havent been to Jasper for a few years, but that was always the first place we'd stop when we pull into town. Is it not there anymore, or gone downhill or something?

                          1. re: pennystock

                            Still there, although I have a hard time distinguishing between the pizza places in Jasper. Our spot (out of habit) was Jasper Pizza Place. But last time we got into Jasper too late and they were already closed, so we hit North Face.

                            1. re: egon61

                              Just found out my wife is organizing/attending a conference in Jasper in early May. We ( My youngest son and I ) will be tagging along for the weekend. Likely to end up at La Fiesta one night and would not mind trying Fiddle River if it is open. Would like to find out more about the Black Bear Bistro. Anything else I should try ?

                              1. re: felix the hound

                                Honestly, I hate to say it, but you should check out Earl's. I would never normally recommend a chain restaurant to anyone but Earl's has a great view in a place known for the view and not the food. I lived in Jasper twice in my life for 3-4 months at a time and never once was I overwhelmed by the food. If you go looking for the best of the worst, you'll be much less likely to end up disappointed. I'm not sure why any place there--especially Andy's--gets overly hyped.

                                La Fiesta is a great place and you should try your best to get a reservation there before any other place.

                                1. re: canadianbaconette

                                  We had a very good dinner last night at La Fiesta. Together with their $30 special for choice of one appetizer,one main and dessert from the menu it was extraordinary value as well. Their paella was better than I remember, when the owner was in the kitchen. It is made now with arborio instead of jasmin rice and came topped with small mussels and scallops on the shell. Their Spanish-Mexican fusion dishes continue to have inventive combinations of flavours and ingredients, although their tapas menu is not as good as it once was. Service was attentive and prompt.

                                  1. re: felix the hound

                                    We tried but could not find the place called the Black Bear Bistro. Any clues?

                                    1. re: felix the hound

                                      The Black Bear your thinking of was actually called "Black Sheep" , which is now the place that is called Lou Lou's Pizza. It's an ownerships thing. They have the same daily breakfast as Soft Rock as the owner of SR is involved with Lou Lou's somehow. Both breakys are good. Enjoy !

                            2. re: pennystock

                              We ordered North Face pizza to bring back to our hotel room and we thought it was great. We had lasagna which was average but humungous, as well as an 8 inch pizza wtih chicken, spinach, tomatoes, sundried tomatoes and green peppers. The crust was reminscent of Pizza Hut (in a good way) without being overly greasy and it had a really great sauce. I would definitely go back there.