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Mar 12, 2007 11:11 AM

Girl Scout cookies- who can resist?

I have to say I love Tagalong girl scout cookies. I buy 1 box and treat myself a few times a week, eating what the serving size recommends (only 2- how awful!). How many of you out there secretly hoard them, or eat a box in one sitting? Believe me I've been tempted- I really should invest in a time release safe! So thats one of my weaknesses. Could be worse I suppose- they could sell them year round!

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  1. I was stalked at the grocery store by what seemed to be a zillion girl scouts..going in and coming out.

    I don't like em...the cookies. Is that wrong?

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    1. re: melly

      ...AND their mothers. Sorry, they're not for me either.

    2. The original comment has been removed
        1. The cookies are addictive.

          I can eat a box of thin mints with a glass of milk any day of the week. The peanut butter ones need two glasses of milk. The shortbreads need three glasses and the samoas are fine by themselves.

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          1. re: jfood

            But are they made from real girl scouts? (just couldn't resist the Adams family reference).

            1. re: PapaT

              I kind of wish they were. The girl scouts in my town set up tables at the train station and SCREAM up into the stairways as the commuters come down from the trains.

          2. I shouldn't like them. They have a texture of laminated plastic. The "chocolate" has more resemblence to candle wax than anything edible and has certainly never come within 10 miles of a cacao bean. Yet, for some reason, I can eat an entire box of Samoas in a few short minutes, as well as my fair share of thin mints, tag-a-longs and others. There is just something about them, some inexplicable goodness. It must be the courage, confidence and character which are touted on the boxes. Do they have a badge for gluttony?