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Girl Scout cookies- who can resist?

I have to say I love Tagalong girl scout cookies. I buy 1 box and treat myself a few times a week, eating what the serving size recommends (only 2- how awful!). How many of you out there secretly hoard them, or eat a box in one sitting? Believe me I've been tempted- I really should invest in a time release safe! So thats one of my weaknesses. Could be worse I suppose- they could sell them year round!

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  1. I was stalked at the grocery store by what seemed to be a zillion girl scouts..going in and coming out.

    I don't like em...the cookies. Is that wrong?

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    1. re: melly

      ...AND their mothers. Sorry, they're not for me either.

      1. The cookies are addictive.

        I can eat a box of thin mints with a glass of milk any day of the week. The peanut butter ones need two glasses of milk. The shortbreads need three glasses and the samoas are fine by themselves.

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          But are they made from real girl scouts? (just couldn't resist the Adams family reference).

          1. re: PapaT

            I kind of wish they were. The girl scouts in my town set up tables at the train station and SCREAM up into the stairways as the commuters come down from the trains.

        2. I shouldn't like them. They have a texture of laminated plastic. The "chocolate" has more resemblence to candle wax than anything edible and has certainly never come within 10 miles of a cacao bean. Yet, for some reason, I can eat an entire box of Samoas in a few short minutes, as well as my fair share of thin mints, tag-a-longs and others. There is just something about them, some inexplicable goodness. It must be the courage, confidence and character which are touted on the boxes. Do they have a badge for gluttony?

          1. I had not eaten any but an occasional Thin Mint, I used to keep those stashed in the freezer, for a long time. I agreed to participate in a GS fundraiser cooking contest. Rules were that we had to use GS cookies and chocolate. I used the Trefoils (shortbread) for the base of a chocolate tart. When I had crushed them and was making the base the odor of fake vanilla was so strong and bad my husband had to ask what on earth that was.

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            1. I can resist anything with partially hydrogenated oil in it.

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              1. I put my blinders on and just say no. I've done without them for 2 years now. It has saved me in the pocket book as I use to order 10 boxes at a time. I only eat those that are offered to me, since it is usually only offered a few at a time, it saves me on the calories.

                1. i don't really like them either. there are so many other things i would rather spend my discretionary sugar and fat calories on. heck, i'd take a reese's peanut cup over a samoa or a york peppermint pattie over a thin mint. but i do like to support my local girl scouts so i buy a few boxes of cookies, bring them to work, my weekly poker game, whatever, and watch them disappear.

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                    I posted this on another GS Cookie subject thread...I buy them and send them to my guy students across the country to pass around the dorm or share with friends...they are always a huge hit!

                    1. re: cookie monster

                      I'm not sure if all Council's do this, but some let people buy cookies and then the Council will pay to ship them to troops stationed around the world. It's a nice taste of home for those serving overseas.

                    2. Thin Mints and Samoas, yes. But, not at the price anymore.

                      Dreyer's is making specialty limited editions ice creams... Samoa, Thin Mint, and I think the PB one (forget the name)... The Samoa version was interesting, a bit rich, but good soggy pieces of Samoas :)

                      1. They need some new recipes that don't include crude oil bi-products. Seems like they have really gotten awful over the past ten years or so.

                        1. Frozen Thin Mints... a must.

                          Try the new Lemonades they are bomb.

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                          1. re: Oh Robin

                            Lemonades not offered here! Next year hopefully!

                            1. re: Jesdamala

                              That's too bad. They are so good and cute, they look like a lemon slice. Would be perfect for a shower or ice cream sandwich with lemon sherbet.

                              1. re: Oh Robin

                                I tried the Lemonade cookies this year. I really don't like them - they have a strong chemical taste. Plus, the coating on the bottom of the cookies has a weird plastic feel as it melts in the mouth. I threw them away. Ick.


                                1. re: AnneInMpls

                                  Sorry to here that Anne. My box was full of nice tender shortbread with a delicious lemony glaze on the bottom. It's definitely the fave in my office.

                                  1. re: Oh Robin

                                    Could be a difference with the bakers. Perhaps the baker making our local version did something weird with these cookies.

                                    Now I wanna fly somewhere else to try them again - I love lemon cookies, and these seem like such a great idea!


                                    1. re: AnneInMpls

                                      Aren't there just two bakers? One for East of the Mississippi and another for West of the Mississippi? Isn't this is why Minneapolis Girl Scouts get one kind of cookies and the St. Paul scouts get the other kind? If this is the case, Twin Citeans only need to cross the river, rather than fly somewhere, to try the other kind.

                                      Or, is that thing I've always heard about the two bakers not true?


                                      1. re: The Dairy Queen

                                        Aha! That would explain the confusion I feel with Girl Scout cookies. Over the years, my jobs have been in both Mpls-and-suburbs and St.Paul-and-suburbs, so my "suppliers" (co-workers' kids) are from various sides of the river. I never kept notes, though, so I remain confused.

                                        I feel the same sort of confusion with Breyer's ice cream and LL Bean's delivery (in the past, it was free anywhere east of the Mississippi).


                                        1. re: AnneInMpls

                                          We Twin Citieans, having the luxury of straddling the Mississippi, might have to do some kind of side-by-side taste test of the East and West sets of cookies to see which are better.

                                          Is there an East/West confusion with Breyer's ice cream?

                                          I know there's Edy's in MN, which is the same as Dreyer's on the West coast...but I don't know where the dividing line is.


                                          1. re: The Dairy Queen

                                            Ooops - I meant Dreyer's. My dyslexia strikes again.


                                        2. re: The Dairy Queen

                                          There are a number of different bakers. One town in upstate New York has one baker for a troop on one side of town and a different one for another troop on the other side of town! Has to do with the different councils and who they choose to purchase from. Samoas are definitely better than "Caramel Delites" which we get here.

                            2. I was a girl scout many years ago and sold myself so many boxes of cookies I can't stand them now.

                              1. I don't much care for the GSA cookies. They're okay but I only buy them 'cause my neice is a GS.

                                I very much like the Girl Guides cookies here in Canada. They come in two flavours. Chocolate and Vanilla. So simple yet so good.


                                1. Junk food has no place in my regular diet. I will eat a truly nice dessert once or twice a month as a treat. Once you get used to having a little discipline, it is easy to avoid mediocre sweets like girl scout cookies and candy bars.

                                  1. I am the GS cookie mom. I currently have 1700 boxes of them in my living room. I adore my daughter, but I HATE those cookies!!!!!!!!!!!!! But-- remember-- they are for a good cause. As opposed to many faux fundraising events, your local troop actually get one half of the profits. Last year my girls went to an Asian culture festival and learned to cook Chinese food. So you may be supporting a young hound. My 7 year old, suburban white bread daughter who has never been near a Chinatown now adores spicy tofu and pork-- and she can cook it!

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                                    1. re: madisoneats

                                      We don't have any GSs in our lives, but we always but always buy when we see them sold at the markets, or anywhere else. Some things are worth being supportive of, and as I said, my students at college LOVE them! Shipped two nice sized boxes filled with the cookies yesterday! Now, if they were on the shelves on a regular basis, would these be our favorite cookies? Probably not. I do love hearing about your daughter!

                                      1. re: madisoneats

                                        At the same time, you could just donate money to the troop when asked to buy cookies if you don't like them. That way, all the money will go to the troop. A lot of people do that when we sell, plus it's tax deductible.

                                        1. re: chowser

                                          Hey, only said they may not be our favorite cookies should they be stocked on shelves, but my whole family enjoys buying them, the students love receiving them, and the GSs are happy to have us buy them! We all win! I am going to look into a donation to send these to the military, emailed our local council.

                                          1. re: Jesdamala

                                            I was responding to Madisoneats about the good uses the money is used for. Our troop also collected and shipped boxes to Iraq.

                                        2. re: madisoneats

                                          Actually, GS get less than half of the profit *_* ...
                                          And I question Scot Teas and Lemonades
                                          Is that some sort of EastCoast thing or something?
                                          I live in Southern California and have never heard of such things.

                                          I mean, yeah lemon coo.ler.s but nothing like lemonade or scot tea.

                                          1. re: chinchilla_chow

                                            I'm in Long Beach and I love the Lemonades.

                                        3. We buy from our nieces but really don't want the cookies. They love to see the "number of boxes sold" number rise. We buy boxes from them, but then have them give the boxes to someone else--bring to school, have a tea party, anything but give them to us. For me, they're among those frustrating foods that I don't think are particularly good but can't seem to stop eating when they're in front of me.

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                                          1. re: debbiel

                                            I dunno, but if anyone here doesn't like girlscout cookies and still wants to supporg GS with money, just donate money. If you donate the same amount of money that it takes to buy one box, the Girlscouts benefit much more than if you had bought one cookie box, becausethey only get 70 cents per box ........................................ Very nonprofitable if you ask me... it all goes to council........

                                          2. I used to love the GS cookies. But I find in the past years they have changed the cookie which I don't personally like anymore. I guess when you are younger you like everything.

                                            1. Haaaa, I just ate my last two Tagalongs while sitting here at my desk.

                                              1. Anyone else buy Cafe Cookies? Rank.

                                                I still miss Scot Teas.

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                                                1. re: mamaciita

                                                  Bought them, haven't tried them, yet! Shipped some off to students, and thinking of hiding what we have left, and trying to forget where they are, because, well, we still have our waistlines here. it is a pleasure for us to buy them!

                                                  1. re: Jesdamala

                                                    You bought Cafe Cookies or Scot Teas? If you still have Scot Teas, I MUST KNOW!!

                                                    1. re: mamaciita

                                                      Gotta go check the box of remaining cookies. I thought we bought Cafe Cookies, already sent off two big boxes loaded for our students. Will get back to let you know, my DH bought them, read off what he was buying at the time, and I thought he said Cafe Cookies. Hey, I will go looking for these this coming weekend!

                                                  2. re: mamaciita

                                                    Cafe cookies? NOt... too... bad....
                                                    WHATS A SCOT TEA?

                                                  3. Man, talk about a tough crowd...do you guys rattle your canes at the GSs and threaten to call the police for walking on your lawn? Holy Thomas Keller Batman, so the cookies aren't gourmet or are in fact junk food? BFD, you buy a box or two, smile, eat some or give them away and a year goes by and do it again. Why? Because it's once a year, you help some kids in a pretty normal, wholesome activity and they give you sugar bombs in return. If that isn't America, I don't know what is.

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                                                    1. re: ML8000

                                                      Amen brother. What do these people expect? They probably think Mrs. Field's is awful too. How good does a boxed cookie have to be I ask you? They're appealing to the masses people! Maybe if you ate some frozen thin mints you wouldn't be so grumpy. :)

                                                      1. re: ML8000

                                                        Amen, I agree.

                                                        Some people on this board take pride in finding fault with everything.

                                                        1. re: jlawrence01

                                                          True that, jlawrence

                                                          But, that's a whole other thread :)

                                                        2. re: ML8000

                                                          Amen... me too...

                                                          I don't find fault in the practice of GS cookie selling...
                                                          It's just....

                                                          JEEEEEEZ I SAY!


                                                        3. I never got Girl Scout cookies. We didn't have Girl Scouts in the town I spent my childhood, and if they're here in NYC, I've yet to see them. Always heard about them, though and when I finally tried them (presumably old recipe, quite a while ago), I was stunned by their very ordinariness. There was no there there.

                                                          As for fundraising, personally, I'd rather give 'em money I could deduct from taxes and let them use the cookies as a science experiement or at the very least projectiles to annoy their den mothers or whatever they call 'em with. ;)

                                                          1. "How good does a boxed cookie have to be I ask you?"

                                                            My point was that somehow they got blown WAY out of proportion, and this was before sites like this and the Internet. LOL . I was hearing about these things in places Girl Scouts didn't exist (I'm talking 25-30 years ago) and then yeah, they were your basic box of cookies. Fine, but nothing to get the least bit excited about...

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                                                            1. re: MikeG

                                                              Ditto your sentiment.

                                                              Let's put it this way. If it weren't for the fact that the Girl Scouts were affiliated with these cookies, NOBODY would buy, much less ingest, them.

                                                              1. re: ipsedixit

                                                                I care not a bit that the Girl Scouts sell them. I just like Samoas.

                                                            2. I know where I'm from most everyone was somehow connected to a girl scout so the extreme hype is more of a sentimental thing than a cookie thing.

                                                              1. I can resist, I dont like Girl Scout Cookies, but I buy them from my 2 nieces to support them, and what I think is a good cause.

                                                                1. Half the time when I these fundraising things (GS, schools, churches, etc.), I either tell them to just keep the money, or I leave the stuff lying around with an "Eat Me" sign at the office. I figure I don't have to add gustatory insult to extortion. :)

                                                                  1. I haven't had a GS cookie in 6 years. I moved and don't have any contacts in my new 'hood.

                                                                    Waxy chocolately coated thin mints.... what is it about the texture? I used to buy 4 boxes to store in the freezer for rainy days.
                                                                    corn syrupy caramely samosas...........mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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                                                                    1. re: shindiganna

                                                                      Corn syrup, huh?

                                                                      I... don't... believe... so...

                                                                      1. re: shindiganna

                                                                        And once again...
                                                                        WHAT THE BLEEP IS A SAMOSA!?

                                                                        1. re: chinchilla_chow

                                                                          Hee. A "samosa" is an Indian appetizer made of fried dough filled with potato, spices, and sometimes ground meat and/or peas. A "Samoa" is my favorite Girl Scout cookie: a shortbread base with chocolate, caramel, and coconut layered on top. YUM. They're round with a hole in 'em, like Fudge Stripes.

                                                                      2. I confess..I ate a whole box of tag-alongs yesterday. They were so good. I ahve regretted it ever since.