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Mar 12, 2007 11:09 AM

Zenna Noodle, Brookline. Anyone been?

I think the place just opened, any been there yet? I'm somewhat confused by the older entries on the place, b/c I thought they just opened up recently. Were they at another location in brookline?

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  1. I haven't been to the Coolidge Corner location but a friend, whose food opinions I tend to agree with eats there almost once a week. He absolutely loves the "zenna noodle" dish.

    1. Went there once after they first opened and was underwhelmed. Thought the food was on the bland side. Friends have been there and have enjoyed it but they haven't been back either. It's a very pretty atmosphere so it's worth checking out to see for yourself.

      1. My wife and I have lately found ourselves in Coolidge Corner, with an hour to kill at dinnertime, on a weekly basis. Much as I would happily pig out at Taqueria Mexico every time, she prefers lighter food and a nicer atmosphere, so we have been to Zenna the last two weeks. It is a very pleasant and soothing space, the service is casual but attentive, and the food, while not out-of-this world, is fresh and well-executed. They call themselves a noodle bar and the emphasis is on noodle dishes. My wife has had a couple of noodle-meat-dumpling-vegetable types of soup, which is not my bag so I can't really comment, but she's liked them. I had a chow foon dish (pad see yu) the first time that was overwhelmed with a bland brown sauce, but last time I ordered "drunken noodles," another chow foon dish featuring crisp green beans, more lightly sauced and with a pleasant chili-oil kick. The appetizer menu is limited, but so far so good: nicely done satay, and diced shrimp fried in spring-roll-like wrappers (I think they call it rocket shrimp). A limited but decent and reasonably-priced wine list. I would not classify Zenna as a destination but as long as I have to be in Coolidge Corner and I can't order an El Presidente platter, it will do nicely.

        1. We hadn't noticed it before, so I don't know the resto's story, but we but went last night. Just happened to find a parking spot in front while we were planning to eat elsewhere. We were glad we went. The ambiance is nice and the attentive and genuinely friendly owner and staff added to the experience.

          We enjoyed the pad see yu with pork. I ate the same dish at Rod Dee recently and found Zenna's rendition superior - more vegetables (Chinese broccoli, carrots and straw mushrooms) with tasty bites of scrambled egg that absorbed the sauce beautifully. It cost maybe $2 more than Rod Dee. The summer rolls with shrimp and chicken were just okay. I think part of the problem is that the peanut sauce doesn't have much kick, needs a hit of chili paste! Also, I didn't detect any fresh herbs in the roll. I like a bit of mint and/or thai basil inside. The sticky rice with fresh mango was a portion that two could share (~half mango) and made for a nice finish to the meal. I'll go back and add it to my take-out list.

          1. I went there in the fall. It's been there for a couple months now. I don't remember what I ordered for my main dish, but they had a pretty killer ginger ice cream. The atmosphere is very relaxing and modern.