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Best Miso-Glazed Black Cod?

This is my wife's new favorite dish, especially the one at Asakuma in WLA. Can anyone recommend other versions? Thanks!

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  1. Beacon in Culver City always did a nice version of this fish. Maybe check with them to make sure it is still on the menu if you decide to go.

    Updated Edit to post: Still on the menu - http://www.beacon-la.com/menu-lunch.php

    1. R23 or Matsuhisa.

      Maison Akira in Pasadena also does a fine version.

      1. Youl should give I-naba, in Torrance, a try.

        1. Matsuhisa, hands down. Never had one that retained the perfect texture with the flavor. IT's like dessert. Hope to get it last and get two!

          1. Funny you should ask this question today! I just had a very delicious version of miso black cod last night at Katsuya in Brentwood.

            1. nobu malibu's version is pretty darn good. i'm partial to the off-the-menu version - smaller pieces served in lettuce cups with some sort of filo-like noodle crunchy thing on top.

              1. Gen and/or Izayoi, for a much smaller $$$$ than Matsuhisa. Also, although I haven't tried the miso cod there yet, based on their miso eggplant, I'm going to hazard a prediction that if Takumi has it, it's really good there.

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                1. I have tried this dish at many diferent Japanese restaurants, Nobu Matsuhisa has just the best in my opinion. Always the right texture, and the right flavor. Actually that's were I tried it first, and never had it as good anywhere else.

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                    i have not eaten there in a couple years but i tell ya, while eating matsuhisa's black cod it was like for one moment , time stood still, did not hear the usual wall of noise in that place, if my friends were talking to me, i did not hear them, i took a bite and then immediately looked down at what remained....would the others think i'm a pig if i inhale the remaining piece in one bite...can i change my order and get this 4 orders of this devine dish....even for dessert ?!?!?!

                    yes...they make great miso black cod...or at least they did a year or so ago !

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                      Your post makes me want to go ... TONIGHT!

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                      I so completely agree with you.........

                    3. My friend also loves it, I've had it all over the place. My favorite by far was Orris...


                      1. Mori was my favorite until I went to Hamakawa downtown, it's just as good and about half the price. I had it at Beacon and thought it was pretty average.

                        1. If you're in OC, Fukada makes a good miso black cod but I haven't had it in a while.

                          1. I have to reiterate what some have been saying...Matsuhisa surpasses any other miso black cod I have ever, ever eaten.

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                              i also like the one at matsuhisa / nobu but the last one i had at nobu malibu was a little bit too sweet.

                              i took some pictuers from that night at http://www.danpaik.com/gallery/2587190 including the black cod miso. i tried to post those pictures here but it didn't work for some reason.