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Best indian food in Manhattan?

I have a guest in town who really wants a great indian meal. Where would you go?

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  1. Devi - upscale, creative and delicious. Great cocktails too.

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    1. I would go to Tamarind on 22nd.

      1. Definitely Devi. Try the lamb chops

        1. Devi, Tamarind, and not as elegant but wonderful is Chola. Without a doubt my top three in NYC. I also have enjoyed Tabla, but prefer the others.

          1. earthen oven (w72 and brdwy). please read the reviews here: http://menupages.com/restaurantdetail...

            1. North or South Indian? Up or down-scale? There's good downscale S. Indian at Chennai Garden and (second choice) Pongol. I know Devi's popular. For midscale N. Indian, I agree w/ nativeNYer: Earthen Oven is a good bet. If you don't mind fusion, I've had some great meals at Tabla.

              1. These two are really good

                Bombay Talkie
                189 Ninth Ave., New York, NY 10011
                near 21st St.

                Madras Cafe
                # 79 Second Ave., New York, NY 10003
                # between 4th and 5th Sts.

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                  i tried s. indian (at madras mahal) for the first time with a friend who has been to india but is not indian. since i'm hardly a veggie lover, i prefer n. indian by far but i have to say we both thought the food was great, especially my hard-to-please friend who prefers s. indian.

                  since this was my first try at s. indian, i have not tried the other recommended places . madras mahal was packed on the week night we stopped by and the service was good. it seems to have gotten good reviews on menupages.com which is the reason we chose it.

                2. I ate at Devi as a surprise from my SO this past Friday. We've been restriced to fish/vegetarian during this time but they had so many delicious looking choices I didn't miss the meat (for once). I had the salmon and crab croquettes, the popped lotus seeds in a cream sauce which i would recommend regardless of any dietary restrictions and shared the emperors morsel for dessert. Service was professional and they recommended a great red in addition to the inventive cocktails we started with.

                  Obviously Devi would be my choice but I've also not been to most other Indian places recommended here.

                  1. If you are interested in vegetarian "Vatan" is great, besides which it is a lot of fun..Sit on pillows, pay one price, and they bring you courses and courses of interesting and very good veggie dishes...