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Asia Market Cafe closed for a month...ugh!

I stopped by there today. They were just serving noddles and soup, no regular menu entrees. The gal at the counter said they'd be closed starting tomorrow for about a month. I didn't ask the reason.

I am sad. :(

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  1. what kind of noodles? what kind of soup?

    1. I didn't stay...was in the mood for something more meaty.

      1. Any reviews on the Malaysian fast food place a few doors down? "Jenny's Kitchen" I think.

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          I tried it once - the sauce that I had on whatever I ordered was a bit sweet and thickened with cornstarch. Other dishes looked real good. I asked for a recommendation, so I might have gotten some standard whiteboy dish. Hadn't been back because, well, Asia Cafe is right there.

          Any word on Asia Cafe? Sambamaster?

          1. re: rudeboy

            I went in three times in two days last week...have been out of town, then left again last Sat. Now this horrible news...the worst is that I will be here for only a week and then relocating to a totally chowless town...was hoping to tank up on some Sichuan over the next week. How sad. Maybe they are closed to relocate to Wichita??? Hope so!!!! I took some pals there last week for their first visit. they were impressed...had the spicy beef, great, dumplings, great, and the sichuan duck which was just about perfect, not dry, but quite moist and nicely smoked. this place is astonishing really, for austin.
            Will someone be willing to deliver for me??? :)

            1. re: sambamaster

              Oh NO! You aren't leaving!? I would have no Sichuan in my life without you! This board won't be the same without you.

              1. re: saticoy

                I concur, the board won't be the same and your inputs will be very missed!!! There's dry ice for a to-go order...

                1. re: Rene

                  I may take you up on that! Can't imagine any critters could live in that food, though. Just send it Parcel Post!

                  I'll be back from time to time, for sure...if only to visit Asia Cafe!

                  thanks for the nice comments.
                  In the meantime, i am gonna post some new things in a few minutes, or hours, depending...still packing the 4000 CDs. yeah, lots of samba!

                  1. re: sambamaster

                    I'll miss your insights, too, sambamaster. You're one of my favorite posters. I wish you the very best of luck in Wichita.

                    I have one important question: How many remaining meals do you have in Austin? Do you have a few to spare?

                    If so, "where sambamaster should go for his last three [or whatever] meals in Austin before moving away" might be a good topic for a new thread, chowhounds, especially since his beloved Asia Cafe is closed this week.

              2. re: sambamaster

                You may get your wish. The website reported the Cafe re-opened today (3/19).

          2. A month? We went in today and saw the sign that it was temporarily closed.
            I'm still reeling from the closure of Ba Le.
            This better not follow the same route.

            1. I was looking at the online menu tonight prior to driving over to place a take-out order when I saw the note they were temporarily closed. I called. The girl that answered said they were renovating the back and to check back next week, they might be open then.

              1. >> said they were renovating the back and to check back next week,

                Well that's the best reason possible for them being closed!

                Asia Market would be on the list of places with the highest "Best Food::Worst Atmosphere" ratio I've been to. Something about big visible flourescent lights make me twitch. Reminds me of a trip to the ER when there was nothing to look at but this big buzzing fourescent light overhead.

                By "the back" they might mean just the kitchen though.

                With $10K, they could do a heck of a lot to improve the atmosphere of the seating area.

                  1. re: Nakhash

                    I'm soo glad that they are open again because I am craving them like the dickens! I went for the first time back in Dec. 06 with a large group of friends and had the most amazing meal. We overordered but the food was just delicious! I don't think that we had one entree that was bad. Well actually, someone ordered shrimp fried rice and that had to have been the dish that was disappointing and lackluster. Everything else was fantastic/ We had the twice cooked pork, the char siu, salt and pepper shrimp which was cooked with the shell and head on - yum!, 2 orders of the spicy chicken, a seafood and vegetable stir fry and the ma po tofu. I think that I started sweating about halfway through the meal and that was great! I definitely want to go back and sample some of the other dishes. I saw an online photo of a eggplant dish, has anyone had it, can recommend one?

                    1. re: kalex

                      The salt and pepper pork-stuffed eggplant is a winner with my lunch group.

                      1. re: rudeboy

                        I have to make a confession. I guess I'm not as worldly as I'd like to hope. We ordered the S&P Shrimp and I just couldn't get over the texture of the shell (however very soft) and legs. I know we were being snickered at, but we peeled them as quickly and subversively as possible because the flavor was amazing. We also ordered the spicy chicken and loved it. Rudeboy, meet me for lunch someday and catch up and order for me?

                        1. re: amysuehere

                          I was also non plussed by the S&P shrimp at Asia Cafe. They didn't really have any flavor. I chalked it up to an off-day, but I won't be able to get my crew to order it again.

                          Yes, let's do!

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                            stick with the Sichuan classics and you won't go wrong... this popular shrimp dish is sure not sichuan...
                            for something really yummy, but sinful and not heart healthy try either the braised pork with preserved vegetable (i think that is what they call it) or the cooked pork with spicy sauce (with spicy garlic sauce?). Both are made with pork belly and are scrumptious, but totally different. the cold pork with spicy sauce is one of the best things on the menu....but if eating cold, blanched " bacon" offends thee, get "chicken delight" which is a similar dish made with cold poached chicken. it is also "lick the plate" delicious! i saw some swiss licking their plates once in Alba, Piedmont (italy) during truffle season...they were not going to let anything go to waste...oh, and that last plate of pasta they had was AFTER their meal, after dessert....just on last plate of pasta, butter and truffles !!!! hilarious.

                    2. I stopped by the Cafe this morning to pick up some chicken delight (I asked the counterwoman for the Chinese name for this and she responded with something like "ko suai ji," excuse my Pinyin). I can report that the place looks...pretty much as always, except that it's a bit cleaner and may be sporting a new coat of paint on the walls. The menu is intact, which is the important thing.

                      By the way, if anyone is interested in delving more deeply into the ways of Sichuan food, I can highly recommend the book Land Of Plenty, by Fuchsia Dunlop, who went to the source and immersed herself in the cuisine.

                      Ave atque vale, Sambamaster...and thanks for all the tips.

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                      1. re: luggage512

                        To clarify my last post, the actual Chinese name of Chicken Delight is Kou Shui Ji, which has been translated as Saliva Dripping Chicken, but a better (and far more appetizing) term would be Mouthwatering Chicken. It's cold slices of poached chicken in (as Sambamaster described) a garlic/chile/peppercorn sauce, probably with some nuts in the mix as well -- not searingly hot, but memorable and addictive. The chicken does contain small bones and is not a dish to eat daintily. I imagine it would be great eaten outdoors in warm weather, along with a cold beer. Asia Cafe serves it with standard chilled rice on the side, but (from what I've been able to gather on the Net) other eateries (in Asia and elsewhere) have served it atop or alongside noodles such as vermicelli. If you'd like to try that, of course, there's nothing to stop you from pimping the Kou Shui Ji at home in such a fashion...

                        1. re: luggage512

                          Anyone care to throw out an opinion of what their hottest dish is? I think the next time I'm just going to ask them to make it extra hot.