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Mar 12, 2007 10:35 AM

Good Brunch Spot Between Cambridge MA and Providence

We are planning a family brunch and need to include both sides of the family. My family is Cambridge, spouse's family is Providence.

We have done the "hotel brunch" and are looking for something with good food. They must take a reservation! There will be 15 of us total....

Has anyone heard of Kountry Kitchen? My sister in law suggested it, and I can not find any information on fear is it is Cracker Barrell Like....

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  1. I wonder if your sister in law is referring to Kountry Kitchen in Greenville, RI (10 Smith Ave). It is a homey place with a standard breakfast menu. They usually have several breakfast specials. I have seen tables pushed together for larger parties. I do not know if they take reservations. I can't tell you if it is Craker Barrell like. I haven't been to a Cracker Barrell. This is not really between Cambridge and Providence.

    1. Try Incontro in Franklin, MA--just off I-495

      1. Sky restaurant in Norwood serves a buffet brunch on Sundays, and is roughly halfway between Cambridge and Providence. The food is consistently good there (in my opinion).

        1. I second the Sky recommendation. I've heard really good things about Incontro too, but haven't eaten there yet.

          1. Another place that's really good, although it's closer to Providence than Cambridge, is the Colonel Blackinton Inn in Attleboro. They serve Sunday brunch.