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Mar 12, 2007 10:32 AM

Great recipes using vanilla beans?

Just got some and this is my first time using real beans. Not such a baker, so I'd appreciate both baking and cooking recipes, if possible! Thanks

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  1. Try bougatsa. Its a terrific greek dessert that combines philo dough and a sweet, vanilla custard. My favorite recipe is from the cookbook, "The Real Greek at Home." You'll love it.

    1. Boy I like to take a bean and stick it in some Balsamic vinegar and let is flavor the vinegar. I just keep it in the bottle until it's gone and then I start over with a new bean and bottle. It has a wonderful fragrance and rounds out the vinegar. I always think of doing this for Christmas presents but never get around to it. I got the idea from David Paul's in Maui.

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        That sounds really interesting. I'll have to try it. What type of balsamic vinegar do you use? (what is the acidity?)

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          We like to make a dessert with these flavors too. I think the recipe came from Sunset magazine, but we changed it a little. We sautee pear slices in unslated butter and then scrape in some vanilla bean, balsamic vinegar, and fresh rosemary. You have to vary the cooking time and proportions based on the flavor of the pear, but as a general rule you should go light on the ingredients, they're pretty bold flavors. Serve immediately with a dollop of whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, or creme fraiche.

        2. I've done it with a few types--nothing too expensive. When I used to go to Costco, it would be the one that they sold. I just loved the vanilla flavored vinegar--love that sweet and savory combination.

          1. Creme brulee or creme caramel.

            1. Slice a bean in half & put it in an airtight container of sugar. The flavor will permeate the sugar in a matter of days, and you can keep the bean in the container for months. Use the sugar for baking, cookie sprinkles or in your coffee. It's great sprinkled on french toast, and makes your classic cinnamon-sugar condiment even tastier.

              Not sure if you're a lobster fan, but vanilla is also wonderful with lobster. You can find all sorts of recipes online. Here's a good start:

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                Another idea for vanilla sugar is to dry out a used bean after you have scraped the insides for a another recipe. You then process the dry pod and mix it in a container of sugar. It's an economical way to get the most out of the bean.