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Trendy, Fabulous, but Affordable in South Beach??

Hi Chowhounders,

I am going to South Beach with three girlfriends for the last week of March. We are looking for some "see-and-be-seen" dinner recommendations that are not going to cost us an arm and a leg. Places like Quattro, Table 8, Prime 112, and Blue Door sound wonderful, but they all sound very expensive too!! Anything more affordable, but as chic... maybe in the under $30 per entree range??

Thanks in Advance!

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  1. Most of the restaurants you mentioned have at least one entree in the $30 range (I know Table 8 and Quattro for sure). Social at the Sagamore is all small plates meant to be shared and with restraint you can probably get out at around $30 per. There's also Sardinia on Purdy Ave. It's out of the way but constantly packed.

    1. You might be able to get away with that at Nobu in the Shore Club if you didn't drink or kept drinking to a minimum.


      Nemo is another suggestion, but I am not sure how "trendy" it is.

      1. My suggestion would be to sit outside at one of the places on Lincoln Road - Cafeteria, Le Bon, Sushi Samba, maybe Icebox. Social might work if you eat light. You'd have to eat REALLY light at Nobu to get in under $30/head.

        1. LOL I keep forgetting that South Beach sushi doesn't equal cheap. ;)

          I love the idea of sitting outside on Lincoln Road. Plus you can do Ghirardelli afterward if you're so inclined!

          1. Bond St might work for you.

            Anyone recommend OAsian Grill?

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              O Asian is actually a good choice. Good food (but not great) but very chic (volcano shrimp app is very good and they do a good ripoff of black cod miso). Segafredo is another choice. Social is on the expensive side of the equation but can work too (go only on friday or saturday though). As mentioned before, sardinia is another good choice but has nothing around it.

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                OAsian in the Cardozo Hotel is good and quite reasonable. Also, the Sunday brunch at Nemo's is the best deal in town.

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                    I knew it was O-something...anyway, I liked it.

                1. Cheap..not a whole lot in South Beach. I agree the Social at the Sgamore is outstanding. They have small plate dinners. They have lobster tacos for about 16.00 and halibut for about 28.00. Each plate serves about 3 people. We were there 3 weeks ago, 300.00 included 2 drinks for 3 people.
                  Cheap..not a whole lot in South Beach

                  1. You could potentially also experience the same scene by doing drinks and apps, or drinks and dessert at one of the spots you'd like to try. Miami is a late scene anyway.

                    1. Actually if you like Thai, or Sushi, there is a place that is Trendy, Affordable and I think is one of the best Sushi restaurants in Miami. The name is Sushi Saigon and is on Washington Ave. between 11th and 12th streets, right in the middle.

                      The decor is very trendy, the service is excellent and the Sushi is to die for and inexpensive! It ranges from $8-$13 for big rolls and they have a variety of Japanese, Vietnamese food too. If you like Thai food, the Thai House restaurant is next to it and both are in the South Beach.

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                        Neither of these places are see and be seen places. Thai house is my favorite thai place in sobe though...strange that I have never been to the place next door. I should try it.

                      2. Mary>

                        South Beach has many affordable pleasures for Girls Seeing and Being Seen!

                        Start the day at Front Porch Cafe on Ocean Drive @ 14th. See and be seen having the granola pancakes and fresh fruit juices. Other breakfast choices - Big Pink at 2/Collins has a great breakfast burrito and Ice Box Cafe (Oprah's Best Cake in America) at Michigan/Lincoln updates the menu to the market. Sidewalk dining always provides the best views... Splurge on a Sunday brunch at Nemo (100 Collins).

                        Lunch on a burger or a club sammie at Smith & Wollensky (South Pointe Park) out back on government cut to watch the cruise ships go by. Pop into the di Lido beach club at the Ritz-Carlton (Lincoln Rd on the ocean) to sample their new weekday tapas menu and enjoy one of the few places to eat with your feet in the sand. Free champagne for girls sundown 5-9pm Friday nights.

                        Dress in chic swim attire and do lunch poolside at the Raleigh and spend the day at one of the nicest low-key pool areas in town. Get a day pass at the Standard spa (Island Ave) and have fun in the sun Sunday afternoons. The spa menu is pretty good or pop over to Joe Allen's for a bite. The lunch specials at Joe's Takeaway on Collins are always a bargain and the picnic tables out front are much easier to score than a table inside the restaurant.

                        Have happy hour pizza at Spris on Lincoln or mussels at LeBon (discounted before 7pm). Hit the rooftop party at Cafeteria after 930 Fridays or take free salsa lessons over Yuca Restaurant Fridays (www.salsamia.com). Grab a table on the patio at Prime 112 (112 Ocean) and split a few apps and drinks and wait for all the celebrities to pass by. Do the same at the new Regent on Ocean (late night tapas menu - game night Mondays).

                        Do dinner at Grazie Cafe on 6/Washington, Fanuccis on west Lincoln, Maurice on Washington south of 5th (music til 5am), Sushi Siam on Lincoln at Euclid, the noodle parlor under O Grill late night, Bond Street at the TownHouse Hotel on 20/Collins... Definitely do a night of mezze and ouzo at Taverna Opa (36 Ocean). Dance on the tables and break a few plates. There is music and mojitos at Tap Tap on 5th Street weekends - an island style menu of seafood etc.

                        Drink $5 boutique wines and nibble the tapas at Vino on 16th Street weeknights 4-7pm, drink free Tuesdays at Blue on Espanola til midnight, Wednesdays at FELT til 1am, all night at the totally COOL Lost Weekend on Espanola Wednesdays, 10-midnight at the Forge on 41st Street, drink free Thursdays at Automatic Slims on Washington all night, and til 2am Fridays and Sundays at Club Deep on 6/Washington...

                        You'll enjoy being a girl on South Beach - I promise! Have fun...


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