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Mar 12, 2007 10:10 AM

Noodle Soup for a cold!

Used to go to Ony whenever I got sick for good veggie dumplings and noodle soup, but it closed! Other suggestions? I've had hit and miss experiences in Chinatown, so any suggestions there are great. Thanks!

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  1. How about good, old-fashioned Jewish chicken soup (with noodles or rice, matzoh ball or kreplach) from Sarge's Deli? Open 24/7. They deliver.

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      Try Sarge's Souper Soup (or is it Super Soup?) which combines all 3. It's my favorite when I am sick.

    2. My favorite soup as cold remedy is Vietnamese Pho. I opt for the basic Pho Tai with the thin raw beef slices that slowly cooks in the hot broth.
      There's a whole row of Vietnamese restaurants on Baxter St. just south of Canal.

      1. Bubby's has a pretty good Chicken Noodle/Matzoh Ball Soup in Tribeca and they deliver

        1. If, you decide to have PHO, I highly recommend the pho at Cong ly at Hester St. @ bowery. it's a small place located beside a hongkong noodle station but, the pho hits the spot and is the best i've had so far in the past 4 years or so. the most expensive pho is less than 6 bucks and it's a block away from the b,d grand st. station.

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            Right! Forgot about them. I second Cong Ly and not just for the Pho. Everything I've ever had there was really tasty...but this thread is about Noodle soup.

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              pho is served with vermicelli noodles....

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                Right. I was going to go on and list a bunch of other good Vietnamese dishes when I realized that the OP is just looking for a noodle soup... so i'm stoping at Pho.