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Mar 12, 2007 10:09 AM

Fractured Prune in Halethorpe

We had fallen in love with FP in Ocean City and went over the weekend to this new location -- really just a counter in some Italian restaurant, next to the Home Depot off I-695 at Washington Street. There have been Chow threads before about Fractured Prune, but I just wanted to let everyone know about the new location, which made fresh donuts equally delicious to the ones we'd had at the original location.

The hardest part is deciding your flavors. (All have the same fresh plain cake base; you pick the glaze and toppings.) We bought a half-dozen for four of us and cut them up into quarters so we could try them all. I still am fondest of chocolate glaze with Oreo crumbs, though who would have known that berry glaze plus cinnamon sugar would be so great?

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  1. OK, I'm blanking out here. I go to the Home Depot you mentioned fairly often <insert grumbles about the "handyman skills" of the former owner of my house, Rancho Destructo, here>, and I have never noticed any Italian restaurant next door. I know there's some sort of taco place in the building on the west side of Washington/1 between Home Depot and 695 - is this Fractured Prune thing in the same building? If not, exactly where next to Home Depot is this Italian place?

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      If you are facing Home Depot, to the left and closer to the street (rather than set back) is a building with a couple of stores/restaurants. Maybe the taco place is one of them; I was singularly focused on donuts -- and not wearing my glasses. FP is on the side closest to Home Depot.

      1. re: sweetpotater

        That's what I suspected, I was thrown by the Italian place reference, as I hadn't noticed that the building you mention had such a tenant. I guess I need to pay more attention! But then, when I'm going to Home Despot, I'm usually "on a mission from God" to steal a line from the Blues Brothers, and I'm often not paying much attention to anything except thoughts of how to fix whatever Part of Rancho Destructo's infrastructure broke (usually in truly creative and perverse ways) this time!

        1. re: sweetpotater

          The taco place (Nino Taco) is on the other side of Washington Blvd in a strip shopping center. Still "inside the beltway". There's another Nino Taco up in Owings Mills.

        2. re: Warthog

          The Prune place is on the same side of Rte 1 (Wash. Blvd) as the Home Depot
          It is in the same bulding with the FIRST MARINER BANK , NINO TACO,
          and a Nextel Outlet, the Italian place is in the same location

        3. I was at the Pan Am Shopping Center off Lee Hwy and Nutley Street in Vienna Mar 8 and
          I was told that Fractured Prune is opening up sometime this spring in that center. Never had their doughnuts but I have certainly heard about them. I'll give it a try when I'm up in that area.

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          1. re: Vera

            I've tried the one at Pan Am. I was disappointed. Their "hot" donuts aren't hot because they're just made but because they're sitting under a heater. I thought the toppings were too sweet for the donut and the plain donut was fair at best. It's a cakey donut, not a yeasty one (not that that matters because I like both). For the record, I also think Krispy Kreme are too sweet, too.

          2. I was a huge fan of Fractured Prune in OC......but was really disappointed with the donuts at the new store in Halethorpe. Very small, greasy.....not the ones I remember from Ocean City. I'm wondering if the product has lost its appeal now that its a "chain"

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            1. re: MDicecreamguy

              The Fractured Prune in Parkville is as good as the one in OC!!