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Mar 12, 2007 10:01 AM

I need a portable, inexpensive main dish

I'm at a loss for something to cook, again. This time it's not the oft-repeated weeknight lament of "what to cook?" I've volunteered to deliver meals to four women I don't know. I'll be taking the meal to each of the women separately, so I'd like to make something that doesn't need to be piping hot to be good. Something inexpensive and low labor, and relatively low fat. Any ideas?

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  1. What about BBQ, either chickken or pork... with the pork you can do it in a crockpot have it cook all day so it shreds.. with the chicken a quick pop in the oven... get all the fat off then bake with the BBQ sauce... add some coleslaw and beans and theres your meal

    1. What about manicotti with low-fat ricotta and spinach stuffing and a nice tomato sauce or a grilled meat (pork tenderloin? chicken breast? flank steak?) with a side Greek or other type of salad?

      1. I suggest meatloaf. Meatloafs are easy, heat up well, slice onto sandwiches if cold, and can be made as healthy or unhealthy as you like. You can even make veggie versions if someone doesn't eat meat.

        1. Lasagne or other type of casserole that has a filling starch in it, like a King Ranch casserole.

          1. I suggest a nice chili made with lean beef or ground turkey in case you're worried about red meat. It's portable in tupperwares and you can make lots in the amt of time it takes to make a little as a lot. here's a link to my favorite from epicurious. You can deliver with the fixins and/or some nice cornbread. Also, the jalapenos in this may not be to your liking, but you can adjust.