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Mar 12, 2007 09:58 AM

Looking for can't-miss, real Mexican food in Houston

perhaps en route to austin or near the hobby airport?

more taco truck than tex-mex, please

thank you!!

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  1. When I flew into Hobby, I used to love to hit Taquería del Sol, a no-frills, friendly, family-run place that was always busy. Their gorditas were excellent—thick, housemade, and fried in lard, just as they should be. Filled with beans and cheese or any stewed meat (like carne or lengua guisada), these gorditas never hit a wrong note. If I recall correctly, their caldos were also very good, and their breakfast tacos. Though not bad, grilled meats (such as beef fajitas) were not their specialty.

    More opinions on this place can be found in these threads, listed from most to least recent:

    I hope this helps.

    1. El Rey on Washington has good tacos.

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        Welcome to chowhound and the Texas board, mocity.

        May I ask what kind of tacos are good at El Rey? Can you describe the fillings and the tortillas? How are the salsas? What makes these tacos stand out, in your opinion?

        Tastes are so subjective that one person's "good," without any details, is hard to interpret. This is especially true of new posters because the rest of us, including the OP [original poster], don't yet have enough information to understand your preferences.

        You can easily fix that—by posting plenty of specific reviews! After all, we were all new at one point.


      2. Well, I am definately not an expert.... I just like them alot and their salsa/hot sauce is great. I prefer the Chorizo breakfast tacos. They actually have a website

        Here is a review from the Houston Press: and then it made their "best of" with another review :

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          mocity, thanks for the details and the link to El Rey’s website. Their menu doesn't seem to offer the down-home Tejano fare served at Taquería del Sol: no menudo, no chicharrones, no lengua, no gorditas. However, I, too, love chorizo—in all its forms. I just might stop by El Rey for a breakfast taco during my next trip to Houston.

          By the way, one quirk of this site is that hyperlinks only work if there's no character or punctuation directly after them. You have to skip a space before typing something new (link ) or just don't put anything after it. I re-pasted the restaurant link here:


        2. Noemis on Park Place is a little place near the airport on Parkplace near 45 south. I think it is much better than Taqueria Del Sol but different. Noemis carne guisada is great.

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            I noticed that John Scar said the same thing in one of the older threads linked to above. Will you tell me what you mean by different but much better? What kind of little place is Noemi's? Is their menu different from Taquería del Sol’s? Or their style of cooking? Maybe it's their customer base? How do they make their carne guisada?

            I'd appreciate your chowhound's perspective. I was only able to find this vague, unappealing description when searching for their menu:


            1. re: MPH

              I think that chron story sums up the food, that doesn't seem like a vague description? Atmosphere is almost small town small diner with about 5 tables. Del Sol is a larger from what I remember steam table type place with good food. I'd say its been10 years since I have eaten here?

          2. Check out this article from the Houston Press


            BTW - I believe El Rey is Cuban food.

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            1. re: danhole

              Are you personally recommending one of these taco trucks? One of them seems to be near the airport. What do you like there?

              1. re: MPH

                I haven't tried any of these, but Walsh is, IMO, a real snooty food critic, so I would go by his recommendation.

              2. re: danhole

                El Rey does have good Cuban food,but they also have great taco-truck-style tacos. A good combination.

                I agree with the recommendations for Taqueria del Sol. And I once tried (and failed) to find Noemi's, because of jscarbor's recommendation. Some other time!