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Mar 12, 2007 09:56 AM

Lunch in Brooklyn

Looking for a lunch spot to take a client for lunch. It can be in Dumbo, Carroll Gardens, Park Slope, Fort Greene, I'm open. Nothing fancy, but looking for a place with a casual atmosphere. Suggestions?

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  1. Lulu c on smith is a nice lunch place with a good vibe. Cuban-french food including sandwiches and salads in a warm brasserie environment. I take clients there sometimes and they always remark on how cute and pleasant it is.

    1. Le Petit Cafe on Court Street is absolutely charming--they have an enclosed (heated) back garden that's lovely. Good, wide-ranging lunch menu, and it's generally not too crowded during the week. Some other ideas would be Mai, Downtown Atlantic, Jolie or Waterfront Ale House on Atlantic Avenue.

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        1. Seeing as I have no clients, I've never taken one there, but it seems to me that Downtown Atlantic is a great place to have a quiet chat, linger, eat some good food from sandwiches and salads to more hearty fare and/or get down to business. When I've worked in Manhattan in the past, I've often thought a place like DA would be perfect as a midtown alternative. I guess vibe and cost-wise it really wouldn't work in Midtown. But I guess that's what makes Brooklyn "Brooklyn" right?

          1. I too enjoy Downtown Atlantic, and the vibe would be just nice enough for a client, casual but not seedy.

            I don't know that I'd take a client to Waterfront Ale House. Love the food, but the atmosphere is very dive-bar. Could freak out a client.