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Mar 12, 2007 09:47 AM

Let's talk bakeries, and what you like from each.

La Bergamote - their danish are BEAUTIFUL and yummy. They fruit danish seem to contain a custard of some sort?

Silver Moon - their milk bread.

Ceci-Cela - their petits fours (which you need to order in advance) are BEAUTIFUL and so delish for small house parties. They also have a breakfast pastry.. I think it's filled with like an orange cream.... that is awesome.

Goupil and DiCarlo - formerly in Chelsea Market, they seem to have disappeared? Anybody know where they went?!

City Bakery - their mini butter cookies and their mini choco cookies. And you have to try their pretzel croissants. Sounds weird I know, but they are addictive!

Sweet Melissa (Cobble Hill) - their choco peanut butter brownie is so delish, but very rich

TeaNY - OK, not a bakery per se, but their chocolate peanut butter bomb dessert is awesome. It litterally tastes JUST like a Drake's Funny Bone, but without the guilt of eating something by Drake's (mass-produced and probably filled with preservatives and artificial ingredients).

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  1. Lady M - crepe pastry, 20 layers and so delicious

    Payard - their pistachio pastry, yummy, have not had many pistachio flavored desserts and I love pistachio

    Kyotofu - their chocolate mini miso cake is so decadent and dense. half of it was all I needed to satiate my chocolate craving

    Ceci-Cela - I love their fruit tarts

    1. Patisserie Claude for pain au chocolat and croissants.

      Two Little Red Hens for brooklyn cream cupcakes, the occasional blackout, orange cranberry and triple berry scones, gingerbread, lemon poppyseed bundt cake, summer medley pie...

      Rocco's for cannoli.

      Fay Da for egg custard tarts (comfort food), impossibly light sponge cake, something they call Japanese cheesecake, sesame-covered balls of fried dough (name unknown) with lotus seed filling, and another ball of dough (mochi-like), covered in coconut flakes with a peanut-type filling.

      Beard Papa's for the occasional cream puff; haven't tried their specialty flavors.

      Next up on my list are Poseidon and a search for pan dulce - any recs for what's good at Poseidon and/or your favorite Mexican bakery?

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        I like the apple strudel from Poseidon. I forgot about that one. I also love their spinach pie, yummy.

        1. re: G3B

          Anything with fruit and cream cheese is great at Poseidon. Agreed re the spinach pie -- I'm also partial to the Menina Mash (vegetarian).

      2. Oh my gosh, that's right.... Patisserie Claude! That's that little place down in the village, on er..... Bleeker....? I always get lost down there. Anyway, yes, that place is great.

        Oh, I forgot about Blackhound.... some of their cakes are very nice.

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        1. re: yippee1999

          Black hound makes a chocolate covered cake decorated with little bees made out of almonds. It's filled with marzipan and it's wonderful.

        2. Amy's Bread: Oat scones, Irish Soda Bread
          Arte Around the Corner: muffins, muffins, muffins, polenta cookies

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          1. re: jsgjewels

            Ahh, Amy's Bread. Great (addictive) chocolate twists.

          2. Can anyone recommend a good bakery in the East Village/Gramercy Area? Especially for a good loaf of bread...

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            1. re: Odelay101

              In the EV you can get passable bread at Gracefully? Graceland? (the more upscale one, on Avenue A btwn 2nd and 3rd). Next best bet is the Union Square Greenmarket.