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Mar 12, 2007 09:17 AM

Weekend in Boston

Hi, we are a group of NYC girls in our mid-20's coming to Boston for the weekend. We're looking for somewhere with funky atmosphere, delicious and interesting food, and not too expensive. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. Cuchi Cuchi in Cambridge is a great spot that meets your specs. You can do a search on the board to find what others have thought, but I love it there! The menu is mostly small plates so it's good for sharing and the atmosphere is absolutely FUNKY!

    1. the south end has a host of restaurants that offer great eats at somewhat reasonable prices. if you dont mind waiting (possibly for hours!), toro is a fabulous tapas joint on washington street in the south end. the atmosphere is bustling, to say the least, and the food is fantastic. the franklin cafe on shawmut street also has a no reservation policy, so the lines can be long, but the atmpshere is fun, the food is great and the crowd is lively. the butcher shop on tremont is great for a few glasses of wine and a cheese plate - perhaps before dinner or as an afternoon stop over? Where will you be staying? There are so many fun areas to explore....

      1. Cuchi is a good idea, if you want to go to Cambridge.Have to say Franklin Cafe for sure. Its small, but good vibe and usually cool music playing. but you may have to wait an hour+ for a table. Toro is cool but the bill adds up very fast with the price of their tapas. Eastern Standard is a huge bistro style place with good food and scene. Pho Republique in the S. End is a Vietnamese style, great drink list, and very cool vibe.

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          Based on my one visit to Pho Republique, I'd say it's a fun place for a drink and the vibe, but don't expect much from the food, which judging from the pu-pu platter is pricey and uninspired. Might be better to eat at the Franklin or Toro first, both of which are nearby, and end up there for cocktails afterwards.

        2. Eastern Standard is a great option, if your careful about which cocktails you order it can stay pretty affordable.

          I'm not a huge fan but I know lots of 20 somethings are very into Ivy. It's appealing scene for younger folks. I haven't eaten there since they first opened.

          Sonsie on Newbury isn't exactly "funky" but it's another good place to hang and have cocktails, food, and people watch.

          Cuchi Cuchi is the first place that came to mind. You can hang out and have drinks at the Middlesex Lounge or ZuZu after dinner (both a very short walk).

          1. Here is my funky restaurant/lounge playbook:

            Cuchi Cuchi in Central for muddled drinks, casual small bites and fantastically (sometimes scantily) dressed waitstaff all decked out in CZ chokers. Really loved it a few years ago, but now it's a little too packed for my taste - still a good idea.

            Enormous Room in Central for huge meze platters to share. Careful though, it turns into a club around 10 and those couches/benches you were lounging on turn into places for people to dance.

            Eastern Standard in Kenmore is much less loungey than the two above mentioned places, but much more delicious. Excellent (EXCELLENT) drinks and great bistro comfort food.

            Silvertone downtown has a nice vibe, good cocktails and American-style comfort food. Subterranean and comfortable.

            I don't know a single person in their twenties that likes Sonsie or Ivy, but maybe I just don't know the right twentysomethings.

            Eatanddestroy has recommended Cha Fhan Tea House before for this sort of request and I trust his opinion - think it's in JP.

            Are you leaning towards a specific cuisine or destination (Cambridge/Downtown/Brookline)? That may help narrow things down a bit. I'm leaving off places with $10+ cocktails and $25+ (ish) entrees, to give you an idea.