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Best Bloody Mary in Manhattan?

A friend who loves a great bloody mary is coming to town this weekend. We're willing to travel for the best. Where to go? Thanks!

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  1. Prune (1st between 1st and 2nd) has a Bloody Mary menu with lots of interesting variations available during brunch on weekends.


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      I read v. high praises recently of the one at the Caryle/Bemelman's Bar - can't remember where though - the bar tender has his own mixer that runs out early apparently.

    2. I had a fantastic BM at Jane. Goes great with their brunch

      1. Sunday afternoons at the Ding Dong Lounge (106th and Columbus). If you're lucky it's a Sunday when one of the regulars has made the hot sauce himself. No food at the Ding Dong, but a big stack of good delivery menus.

        1. I prefer my bloody marys to have tequila (bloody maria) in them, and have found two in the city that are very good: Prune and Great Jones Cafe.

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            *swallows pride* I have never had a "bloody maria" :(
            This weekend at Prune, end of story.

          2. Jaques- Imos on the UWS - they are good and spicy (depending on the bartender) and come with a variety of garnishes, including cajun spice and a pickled shrimp. And the brunch food is great.

            1. I don't want to start a new thread on this, but is Prune's bloody mary really spicy? I'm not only looking for an excellent bloody mary, but also one that is already quite spicy, so much that I won't need to add any tabasco.

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                Odeon's is very good. I remember it as being only medium-spicy, but if you want an extra-spicy one anywhere it's prob best to request it that way. The exception might be in Cajun, etc places where they make a point of telling you that their version is already very spicy.

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                  Ed's Lobster Bar has a really nice oyster bloody mary.

              2. i realize this is quite an old thread, but what the pho? i love the bloody mary at markt in chelsea. there are no frills and no interesting variations with wasabi (though i do like that sort of thing, too). if a classic bloody mary is what you're after, this is where you go to get it made perfectly.

                1. daddy-o on bedford. if you like a thick one that's like a meal its great. they used to have a creative menu with cool b m's.. u may have to ask now if u want a funky one. otherwise the standard b m is great with tons of flavor....

                  1. Thanks a lot guys. I'll give them a try soon.

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                      2 tips, very different. The St. Regis Hotel on 5th Avenue claims to have the very "first bloody mary in america". They call it a Red Snapper, its delicious, if I remember correctly maybe made with gin (doesnt taste like it) and its maybe.. $18 each? Its expensive, but its a really fun place to go. Type of place that makes you stand up straighter when you walk in. They have fancy snacks.
                      2nd place is a dive bar called the Spring Street Lounge (on Spring and Mulberry)(great during week,frat-bar on weekends). They have amazing bloody marys that hit the spot come brunch time.

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                        i've had Red Snappers at a few places in NY...can't remember if i've had one at the St.Regis or not but have heard its good there...Red Snapper is made w/ gin, lemon instead of lime, no celery salt, and tomato juice instead BloodyMary mix...it's a milder drink spice-wise but is very refreshing in the summer, and i think the gin makes it better overall...it was my drink of choice one hot NY summer a few years ago

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                          Thanks for those two tips. $18 is a bit much for a bloody mary, but I'd be willing to give it a shot. Spring Street Lounge - now that sounds like my type of place. I'll start trying these places next weekend.