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Mar 12, 2007 09:05 AM

Places to watch March Madness

I live next to Cambridge Common, which should be a pretty good place to watch the games: big screen TVs, decent beers. Unfortunately the food is poor.

Any other ideas? How about Deep Ellum?

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  1. Game On certainly has a lot of room and the food's been good my 3 times there.

    1. Spirit, which is up the street from Cambridge Common (just past Porter Square on Mass. Ave.) has a HUGE TV screen by the front windows, and they are rarely crowded on weeknights. The food is very good there, too--good curry chicken, excellent shepherd's pie, good burgers and salads, and some of the best wings in Cambridge.

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        I second the Spirit recommendation! Great bar food- and they also have surprisingly good weekly dinner specials. Definitely try the burgers and buffalo wings- both delicious.

      2. Cambridge One? They've got a couple of (pretty) big screen TVs over the bar and very good pizza. Most of the tables in the front section have views of the TV as do the bar seats, of course. Their beer selection is limited but once you've eaten you could go up to Cambridge Common for the second game (and the third and the fourth...).

        1. Sports Grill - near TD Banknorth. Tons of tvs, tons of people, plenty of space, decent bar food.

          1. Thanks for these suggestions, all good ones (I think). I think I'll check out Spirit today since it's walking distance.

            To throw a wrench in things, my mother and grandmother are in town for a few days and will want to have dinner. So how about some good restaurants that also have good casual bars with nice TVs? Cambridge One was along the right lines, but they'd probably veto pizza. I was thinking Eastern Standard, especially because of the storm and its T proximity, but I can't remember the TV situation?

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              Eastern Standard does have televisions in the bar area. I think there are 3- not completely positive though. I'm pretty sure they will be showing games.

              Let us know how Spirit was- I'm thinking of heading there for some of the games next week.

              1. re: hollybee

                I went for lunch around 12:30. They weren't saving their normal menu, just appetizers and sandwiches. I had "five alarm" wings and some cheesy toast. The wings were enjoyable, not really very hot. I'm not a big wing guy so I can't say much more. The cheesy toast was filler crap--imagine putting some flimsy white bread, some butter, and some crap cheese (and not enough of it) in the toaster oven--though the salsa alongside was decent. The TV situation was good. This bar has the entire March Madness package. It was easy to watch three games at once. Beer selection was just OK.