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Mar 12, 2007 08:54 AM

Please add to my list for an upcoming San Francisco/Sonoma trip

Hi everyone,

My husband and I are visiting Sonoma and San Francisco in a few weeks. We're from Baltimore and love good food and wine. I've done TONS of research on all of the wonderful restaurants you have to choose from out there - it's been half the fun. Needless to say, we're really excited! I'm going to list our itinerary in the hopes that you can fill out our dining plan...Thanks in advance!!!

Here's my list/itinerary so far:
Arrive Friday - Staying 2 nights at the Glen Ellen Inn. Figured we'd eat dinner at the Glen Ellen Inn on Friday. Have reservations at Cafe La Haye for Sat.
Sunday we move to a rental house on the Russian River. Sunday reservations at The Farmhouse Inn. Monday reservations at Cyrus.
Tuesday night is open - we might head over to the coast...any suggestions for the coast or elsewhere in the Russian River area? I'm thinking of keeping it light (and not real expensive)after meals at Cyrus and the Farmhouse!!!
Wed we head head to San Francisco for the remainder of our trip. We have reservations at The Slanted Door for Wed night, and at The Dining Room at the Ritz Carlton for Thursday. We're open for Friday and Sat. Again, looking for something lighter (and definitely cheaper) after the Dining Room! We love Sushi...any cheap suggestions?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Cheap eats in San Francisco? this mught be obvious, but what about Chinatown? SF's Chinatown is justifiably famous, and we' ve had some grfeat eats just roaming around and walking in wherever it smelled good.

      Cannot remember the name of the place to save me, but theres a lovely casual wine bar in Sebastopol, if that's anywhere near where you plan to be.

      1. For cheaper options in the S.F. area, head to the Sunset or Richmond area. There's several Vietnamese restaurants on Irving between 19th Ave. & 23rd Ave. that you can't go wrong with. And for casual yet cozy inexpensive American fare, head to Park Chow on 9th Ave. between Irving and Lincoln. Can't go wrong. They don't take reservations though, so prepare to wait if you go during peak times.