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Mar 12, 2007 08:29 AM

Lower East Side tonight

My friend from Paris and her husband are in town and I want to take them to dinner somewhere fun in the LES. I'm trying to think of a place with good food, a lively atmosphere, and interesting drinks. Any thoughts on Stanton Social? Thanks!

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  1. Stanton Social would be perfect.

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    1. re: roze

      Have you ever sat in the upstairs lounge? is it nice? Thanks

      1. re: tartlet

        personally, i don't really like the upstairs lounge. it gets insanely crowded and it's not really comfortable to eat. however, it might be a different story on a monday.

    2. make sure they're not closed on Monday.

      1. Kampuchea for Asian? Bondi Road is great for an Australian vibe and great seafood. THey have a varied cocktail list that is great.

        1. All the above places will suit and I'll prob just add Azul Bistro, Schillers and the Orchard to the picture. Just not sure if any of the above places can be considered bustling on a Monday night. You can also probably have dinner in Inoteca and move to the lounge in Thor (Hotel on the Rivington) or Verlaine across Thor for cocktails pre-or post dinner as there all just walking distance from each other on Rivington bet. Ludlow and Essex which is probably the most bustling intersections of the LES...well, at least on the weekend.

          1. Agree. I had my birthday upstairs on Stanton Social, on a Tuesday, and it wasn't too crowded.