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Mar 12, 2007 08:17 AM

Lunch places in Milton?

I will be there on Friday and don't know that area at all. Looking for reasonably priced chow in a casual setting. If not Milton, some town nearby would be OK.

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  1. A Lighter Fare in East Milton Square is open for breakfast and lunch. Their breakfasts are terrific; not sure about their lunches, but based on their breakfasts, I'm thinking they should be pretty good.

    You could also go to Newcomb Farms on Route 28. They are a decent place with reasonably priced food.

    If you go next door to Quincy, though, you will find a number of good places (you might want to do a search on Quincy restaurants here, since there are many threads on the topic).

    1. Grumpy White's in Quincy on Sea Street (Wollaston) is one of my favorite places to go in that area. It is diner-oriented food. The liver and onions is the best I have ever had. Ever. They have jumbo shrimp longer and fatter than your thumb. You can get tasty burgers. Don't go if you want salad or anything particularly healthy. Mashed potatoes and corn are the primary vegetables.

      By the way, I second Newcomb Farms in Milton, although it may be only mariginally healthier than Grumpy's.

      Depending on where in Milton you'll be, you may want to head over to Lower Mills in Dorchester (where the Baker Chocolate Factory is). The Common Ground Cafe is on Dorchester Street. The Ashmont Grille is on Talbot Ave.

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        The Common Ground Cafe is Closed on the weekend Sat, Sun,? I think. It is open friday till 3pm. There is a Thai food place thats not to bad next to the Common Ground and is open later. Same goes for the Ashmont Grille.