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Mar 12, 2007 07:54 AM

what's good besides Ceviche at Inti Raymi?

OK I went here for the first time and was completely astounded at how good the ceviche was, only to be very underwhelmed by our main dishes (which were also fish--a shrimp picante and fish stew in tumeric sauce of some kind--both were exceedingly bland. )

Other tables seemed to be getting some delicious looking items. I want to give this place another chance, if for no other reason to try that ceviche again, but what else is worth eating there?

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  1. There's some meat dish - a stew in a mint sauce. I don't remember what it is called, but I really like it

    1. I am amazed to hear that the ceviche was good at Inti's. I went there for several years and the food was good. Then around five years ago the place nose dived. All the food got worse and worse, even the ceviche hit the gutter. I went several times since then anyway and it just got terrible. I finally stopped going around a year or two ago.

      Laura's is gone, but there are some Peruvian places on Northern Blvd that are pretty good.

      I was at a real good place in Jamaica a few weeks ago. Every dish we had was excellent. It was the place Robert Sietsema reviewed.

      1. We've done a couple trips to Inti Raymi - and I've found that, other than the ceviche, nothing really stood out, or was even particularly good.

        1. Interesting! I haven't had a lot of experiences with pervuian food, although I did have a lomo saltado at a place in Portchester, NY that blew my mind--this was like 15 years ago. I wonder if El Sol on Northern Blvd has stuff that is good besides ceviche>?

          1. Just moved to JH a few weeks ago and have been to Inti Raymi twice. Most of the menu is still unexplored for me (and I have no idea which chefs work which nights), but I'm soundly smitten with the white fish tacu tacu (can't remember the specific name, but it's the first fish tacu tacu option, and it's served with onions). Also hear their Peruvian pesto entrees (can't remember what they're called, but you'll know them when you read/see them) are very good...