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Mar 12, 2007 07:54 AM

Gourmet Gift Baskets-Reasonably Priced


I'm looking for a gourmet gift basket (food items) to give to work colleagues to share in an office. I'd like to get some nice items, but do not want to spend more than $100. Does anyone know of any stores in Manhattan that sell nice baskets?

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    1. Dean and Deluca and Chelsea Market also have nice food baskets. Basically you can go into any gourmet stores and they will be able to put together a food basket for you at your price range.

      1. Eli Zabar also sells gift baskets (this is different from the Zabar's suggested by someone above) - you might also try Balducci's, but I tend to think they are more expensive. My sister often sends H&H bagels as gifts to people with the fixings. Great gifts.

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          I recently ordered a "salmon basket" from Eli's as a sympathy gift for a friend. It was $100, included bagels, a loaf of Eli's "Health Bread," smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers, onions and lemon, and I think also a jar of olives. Delivery was very little in Manhattan, but that may have something to do with the delivery being around the corner from the store.

          I've also used Fairway catering for gift baskets, I don't like their gift baskets much, but the catering platters are gorgeous. But it would have to be for something where the food would be eaten on the spot. The cheese and dried fruit tray is extremely generously portioned, and has some great selections, it supposedly serves 10, but they would have to eat a whole lot for it to serve only 10. That runs $80 plus delivery charge. I ordered one for a meeting in my office, the meeting ran about half an hour and it was barely picked at...however, the leftovers were attacked in the office kitchen afterward. One of my colleagues, between blowing cracker crumbs out of her mouth said, "I LOVE corporate leftovers!" look for the catering tab, and talk to Bonnie Langer, she's a hoot!

        2. I got this hint on chowhound a few months ago.

          Brio Shop and Arte Around the Corner for great Italian gourmet items.

          1. I've had great luck with Chelsea Market Baskets and they're available on line as well. The rugula is amazing and well worth the price! Friends have raved for years. Good luck!