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Mar 12, 2007 07:11 AM

Andover, MA... Glory or Cassis?

Looking for any recent reports on either Glory or Cassis in Andover?

Are either worth the trip - and which would you choose?

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  1. I've tried both within the last two years. The little feedback I've seen on Glory on these boards has been mixed; I got appetizers at the bar which were good. Got a main dish at Cassis (can't remember what it was) and was very impressed. Both places had good service and were clean, too.

    Given the choice, I'd go with Cassis, but Glory is fine as well. It may come down to which cuisine you'd prefer; the former serves French bistro food, the latter (for lack of a better label) New American. And the latter has a bar and, one would presume, some sort of bar scene, while Cassis is a restaurant only, though they do serve wine and probably beer as well.

    As to whether either is "worth the trip" or not, it might depend on where you're coming from. There are places as good or better in Boston (though I thought Cassis held its own excellently against other Boston French bistros), but both are well worth a drive from anyplace on the North Shore or further up. And if you're in the area, they're very good options. Definitely better than the Andover Inn, at any rate.

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      I am so sad to hear this about the Andover Inn. I remember with such fondness Henry Broekhoff and his white asparagus festival and the joy he took in food. The Inn will never be the same.

    2. Thanks for the thoughts, bachslunch... I'm in Southern NH, so Cassis sounds like it is definitely worth checking out Cassis for dinner.


      1. Cassis is also smaller, more quaint. Like a country bistro, if that's what you like.

        1. kinda two really different places. both have very good food. Glory is more traditional (new) american and Cassis is more country french. the BIG difference lies in the setting. Glory is a hip (as hip as Andover can get) largish place with a lounge, bar and two dining rooms where Cassis is very small (you'll be making eye contact with pretty much everyone in the place.) so go to Glory for the scene or if you're looking for a more intimate setting as you can usually find a place to settle and canoodle then linger with drinks. hit up Cassis if your into the food first and not too much into swooning over your date with cocktails. also, Glory is the one with the full bar, Cassis, not so much, wine only.

          1. Glory is owned by the same people that own Evenfall in Haverhill. How does Glory compare to Evenfall? The reason I ask is that Rabbit and I had a disappointing meal there (ok food, terrible service) and vowed never to go back.

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              Glory was most definitely a restaurant before; my dad was a sales rep who took customers there for lunch. we always had matchbooks around the house with same address as Glory, but I can't recall the name now. The restaurant in Andover that was purportedly a funeral home: Palmer's Tavern.