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Mar 12, 2007 06:47 AM

carroll gardens gelato

theres a couple gelato places along court street in carroll gardens. some (or all maybe) are mainly pizza places but make a point of adverting their gelato. anyone have favorites? with this nice warmer weather im all but ready for ice cream:) i feel like i know gelato pretty well - ate a bunch working in different italian restaurants and just plain old eaten a lot of it all around. anyway, just looking for good stuff without trekking all the way in to Chelsea Market in manhattan....thanks.

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  1. for gelato, I think only Sals pizza on Court sells it on the street.

    for Italian ice ( which is NOT gelato!) I'd say the new Monteleone/Cammareri is the nabe fave with a close 2nd being Court Pastry.

    1. I haven't been impressed by any of the neighborhood gelato. It's really just regular ice cream under a different name, and not even particularly good ice cream at that.

      One Girl Cookies on Dean sells Laboratorio Gelato -- that's your best bet in the neighborhood.

      1. Monteleone's makes fantastic gelato, pistachio and chocolate. It's homemade and super creamy. It was a sad time last year without it.