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Mar 12, 2007 06:29 AM

Jamba Juice at Clarendon's WF

Does anyone know when/why it was closed?! I swear I was at the WF a week ago and it was still there... but just popped in on Sunday to get one of their delicious Acai smoothies... and they were GONE!

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  1. I believe that Jamba Juice and Whole Foods have severed their corporate relationship nationally. They are closing the Jamba Juice counters in all the WF stores. There is a stand-alone counter on the campus on GWU but you should write the guys at Jamba Juice about putting up their own shop in Clarendon/Columbia Pike area. It will be missed.

    1. There's always Smoothie King, across the street from Ballston Mall, and also in Pentagon Row. I know they make an acai smoothie, as well as many other yummy flavors.

      1. eh... smoothie king and i have a rough history.... i swear that every smoothie i order there is strawberry banana... doesn't matter what i "think" i've ordered... ha...
        as a back-up to jamba juice... i always preferred robek's in courthouse... have you tried there?

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          Robek's is really good. It's always been odd to me that this town isn't more of a smoothie town. I'm stuck without anywhere in Reston.

          1. re: jpschust

            I might not be reading your post correctly, but there is a Robek's in Herndon. Over on Elden and Herndon Pkwy by the Giant (it's next to the Chipotle).

            1. re: Dennis S

              Herndon isn't that close to where I'm at in Reston, unfortunately.

          2. re: kabrown

            I haven't, but I should. Where is it, exactly?

            I was talking to the manager of the smoothie king in Pentagon Row, and I was commenting that I thought a smoothie place would do really uneven business, with the relatively cold weather we get here in Virginia, compared to, say, California, half of the year. No, he said... If it's sunny, they do good business, regardless of the thermometer. He went on to say that that particular store was one of the most lucrative stores in the chain, grossing many, many millions of dollars every year. I was a little shocked.

            As for the quality of their smoothies.I like them for their lack of empty calories, since they use ice to thicken their shakes instead of ice cream or yogurt.

            1. re: davefaris

              it's on clarendon blvd.... across from the courthouse plaza, next to sala thai... i want to say it's at about 2300 clarendon blvd.? .... if you're coming from ballston, it's on the left....

            2. re: kabrown

              Smoothie King's smoothies may fall a bit short on flavor as they are (if my memory serves me correctly) the most waist-friendly (calories/fat/sugar) of the three chains mentioned here.

              Taste-wise, I think Robek's is the best of the lot, but maybe that's the novelty of it as I just discovered them a couple months ago. Jamba Juice was useful when I was across the street from one in San Diego.