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Mar 12, 2007 12:45 AM

Old Mom n Pop Pizza place at Hillsdale mall

Anyone remember the name of the pizza place at Hillsdale mall in San Mateo back in the 80s before they totally redsigned the mall and basically kicked out all the mom and pop restaurants? It was right next to that mom n pop Chinese place and all the people who worked there were older Italian immigrants who made the pizza right in front of you. As a kid I was amazed when they would work the ball of dough, throw it in there air and place the tomato sauce and chices of mozarella on it. The plain cheese pizza was my fave.
All I remember is they had THE BEST, most authentic italian pizza I've ever had and I haven't found one place in the Bay that makes anything close. I would LOVE to have pizza like that again, but feel like I have to go to NY or even Italy to experience that again.
If anyone can help me out as to what the name of the place was and if they moved elsewhere or can suggest a similar pizza parlor that serves authentic italian pizza here in the Bay, I'd really appreciate it!!!

Sbarro and Panda Express is complete garbage.

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  1. I remember that place! I loved their pizza. It was really cool watching someone toss the dough and make you pizza to order, especially at a mall's food court! The only thing better was their lasagna. The people there were always friendly and prices were low. I can't recall the name either. I was really sad when they remodeled the food court and lost those eateries that were really good for mall food standard.

    1. hey anna...have you found a pizza parlor that can compare at all to the old pizza place in hillsdale mall? I do remember their lasgna too! So so good!!! Glad you share that memory w/ me too.

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        they moved to san carlos,San Remo Pizza

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          No way!!! Are you serious??? How do you know this?? That's great news to me! thanks.

      2. If it's true that they're now San Remo pizza on San Carlos Ave in San Carlos, then I'm not impressed. The pizza, pasta and other entrees are just plain average. Yet, the restaurant inside and the sidewalk tables are packed with diners. In the san carlos area the best pizza is served at speederia or amici's

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          I'm trying to remember...were there 2 pizza joints in Hillsdale mall back in the day? I only ask because San Remo doesn't ring a bell for the pizza place that was directly next to the old Chinese place in the food court close to the escalator.
          We are talking about that one right? I faintly remeber another italian place in the food court in the far corner near Hof Brau.

        2. When I worked there from 1984-1993 there was in the food court:
          a Chinese place
          San Remo (Cheapest lunch in the mall)
          A dount shop
          a deli/grill
          hot dogs
          Double Rainbow
          a mexican place
          hof brau
          and I think a japanese place. Might be missing something.

          There was also Round Table Pizza, Stone Soup and later on, Buffalo Grill. You could also eat at the Nordstrom cafe, McDonalds, the seasonal Hickory Farms store, and the Japanese owned French bakery right by where I used to work.