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Mar 12, 2007 12:20 AM

Food Network's classic shows online

I just saw a FN ad for their "classic" shows - old clips available exclusively online. After being tempted by an afro-topped Emeril and a Straight-out-of-Sixteen Candles Bobby Flay, I went online, but there are only four clips...a 1998 Batali one being the only FN chef clip of any prominence.

The link they showed on TV, just redirects to their splash page. To see the clips, go to and click on "classics" or whatever.

No old Flay, no Emeril...wonder why this thing launched so sloppily.

Either way, I hope it's evidence of market research based on backlash over their continued dumbing-down, and they'll see interest in a "classics" segment in their cable programming.

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  1. Interesting. Totally forgot about the Two Hot Tamales show. I hope they add a lot more videos.

    1. I miss the old Food Network shows so much (they saved my sanity when I spent a week flat on my back with the flu). Taste, Ready-Set-Cook, etc. Even the restaurant review show with what I think of as the prototypical NYC blonde (Nina Something?).

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      1. re: Ruth Lafler

        Was it Nina Griscom? I seem to remember a show with her and Alan Richman reviewing places in different cities.....

          1. re: Emme

            The show was "Dining Around" (1994-1998), originally with Nina Griscom and Bill Boggs. Boggs was later replaced by Alan Richman.


            I think "Best of" was similar, but more locale-focused and scenic. Also, no critiques. As I recall, "D. Around" was mostly studio discussion interspersed with restaurant footage.

            1. re: Ulua

              Good call. Best Of focused on one city or area per show and showcased their idea of the best places not to miss (reminds me of Giada's show now except just Giada, and no 40 dollars a day constraint)...

        1. re: Ruth Lafler

          Do you remember the show with David Rosengarten and Donna Hanover (ex- Mrs. Rudy Guiliani)?

        2. I hope FN grows this segment, I think there's a big demand for the classic shows. Would like to see David Rosengarten's "Taste". That's my alltime favorite. Was good to see the old clip of "Too Hot Tamales". (I noticed FN misspelled it as "Two Hot Tamales").

          1. I wonder if they actually own the rights to a lot of those old shows? I know today that most of their programming is produced in-house, but I'm not sure about back in the early days.

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            1. re: LabRat

              Their earliest programming was produced in-house (Dining Around, Taste, Grape Expectations, Chef du Jour etc). The only exceptions I'm aware of were their reruns of Julia Child and other kitchen classics.

              They had four "classic" videos online, but I just noticed FN cut it to two. They removed the early Emeril and Bobby Flay. What's up with that? Remaining are the clips of Too Hot Tamales and Door Knock Dinners. Curious where they're going with this.

            2. I loved the original How to Boil Water...I thought the host and chef had a great chemistry for the show, and it was sincere as opposed to some of the hokey interaction we get today.