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Mar 11, 2007 11:15 PM

Favorite pork dish in LA?

I love the pork belly at Musha...what's yours?

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  1. Cochinita pibil at Chichen Itza in Mercado La Paloma

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    1. Pork chop at Doug Arango's. I love chops, and this one was the best I've ever had, period. Perfectly cooked and seasoned, served with pears and sour kraut. Incredible. Best kraut I've ever had too - very subtle.

      Note that the menu on their website is outdated (the chop listed is served with apricots and parmesan cauliflower). I was there about a month ago.

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        Hi... Where is Doug Arango's?? I seem to confuse it ( Arango vs. Arroyo) with Arroyo Chop House ( the location of which i am also ignorant). I must admit to an irrational negative bias to Doug Arango's, based solely on the name of the establishment. Much like the former (well liked) restaurant called Norman's, the name 'Doug Arango's' sounds more like a place to get discount demin-wear and cowboy boots to my ears :-). What's the food style at Arango's (comfort, steak/chops, diner, etc.)? Thanks...

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          Arroyo Chop House is on Arroyo Parkway, about two doors north of California Street in Pasadena, east side of the street, across the parking lot from its sister Parkway Grill. Dunnio where Doug Arango's is either, and like you, not in the least enticed by the name.

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              Tough call really on naming your restaurant - do you err on the side of pretense ("Arango" perhaps), and aim to get all the food snobs salivating in Pavlovian response? Or do you put your own dorky first name in the title, as a big middle finger to your snobby peers, their geeky, wet-noodle worshipers, and to conspicuous ostentation in general?

              The link has been posted. Food style is "California Italian". Some interesting offerings such as a flight of scallops on the starer menu - 5 scallops each prepared in a different way.

              In any case - it was fantastic, honest, good pairings, both service and food were utterly devoid of pretense. I called ahead to ask about dress code... "however you like. we get people in tuxes, we get people in jeans. Just no sandals or shorts please". We found this to be true when we arrived - from the "smart" jean look to suits. Service was friendly, prompt, impeccable, and knowledgeable even about the beer menu. (I can't comment on the wine menu other than to say it was huge.) When some rubes standing near the bar were crowding our nearby table, our waitstaff was there within 2 minutes to usher them elsewhere. Excellent food, and the best wait staff I've ever experienced in LA. Was planning to get wine but the beer menu was surprisingly well-constructed with some I'd never tried, so I couldn't resist. Highly recommend.

          1. I normally don't eat pork, but there are some exceptions.

            I know people on this board dislike it Versailles, but I love their roast pork. Greasy, garlicky, lemony. Yum.

            Also, I love the BBQ pork ribs at Thai 'n' I in Encino with a spicy, tamarind sauce.

            And tacos al pastor from El Taco Llama (preferably, the Magnolia/Cahuenga branch).

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            1. re: Jwsel

              Don't feel too bad, I think Versailles' pork is one of the few "crave-able" dishes I've run across.

              1. re: Jwsel

                The #1 dinner at Versailles, specifically.

              2. The carnitas gordita at Ana Maria's in the Central Market Downtown. And their al pastor as well! Oof, I feel like a nap just thinking about it...

                1. Two choices: 1 and 1A

                  The pork rump at Lake Spring in Monterey Park.

                  The whole roasted pig at Triumphal Palace in Alhambra (which is more a meal than a "dish").