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Mar 11, 2007 10:59 PM

phx metro cheesesteak recommendation?

in scottsdale but will travel for a great cheesesteak.

am a fan of wiz after having seen david rosengarten's food network "taste" episode on cheesesteaks (has been many years since but i loved that show for the food education - each show featured 1 dish/ingredient).

were on the way out the door for spam musubi (at our 2 year old's request) when we saw a FN show featuring cheesesteaks. almost veto'ed her and went to corleone's.

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  1. Coming from Philadelphia, I know your craving well. One of the places I would say to try is Corleone's. There's one off of the 101 and Raintree. They're from Philly. Another place I would way is Uncle Sam's. It's where I go when I'm craving a cheesesteak.

    1. DeFalco's, on the west side of Scottsdale Rd., just north of Oak St (south of Thomas). Their cheesesteak is one of the best sandwiches I've ever had. I don't know if it's really Philly style (haven't been to Philly), but it's a great sandwich. Ask for it "on a crusty baguette with the peppers, onions and mushrooms." If you like things spicy, ask for the hot peppers as well.

      I do know one person who thinks the sandwich has too much cheese...I disagree. ;)

      1. good call az10. our favorite is corleone's as well. we also do uncle sam's often. thanks for the reply. have seen a place down on mill that looks interesting. think there is another on indian school & 30th/40th?

        dg. we also love defalco's. haven't cheesesteaked there so i'll have to try that. i get stuck getting the pepperoni/egg sandwich. the cheese sausage when they have it there rocks!

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          pepperoni/egg is good too, but cheesesteak is better imo. The sausage/pepper/onion is good too. If you do try the cheesesteak, let me know how it compares to Corleone's. The only person I know (outside Chow) who has recommended Corleone's to me is someone who also goes bananas over Applebee's and c/c factory, so I've been skeptical. But I think I'll have to give them a chance, after reading this thread.

          1. re: don giovanni

            Don...we used to eat pepper and egg subs back east.....(green pepper and egg/omelet) Who make's egg subs here? I have had a craving for years that I just can't satisfy....

            1. re: ciaogal

              I bet they'd make you one at DeFalco's if you asked. I don't think it's on the menu though.

        2. Love Uncle Sam's as well......even though theirs is not the traditional Cheesesteak (no cheesewhiz) they use provolone.....their sandwiches are huge, flavorful, plenty of meat, mushrooms, cheese.... We like our w/ sweet peppers!
          They also have a chicken version which is yummy too!
          Get it w/ a side of fried 'shrooms or zucchini...............

          1. I thought Corleone's made a decent sandwich, but be ready for sticker shock. My sandwich, fries and drink combo was almost $11.00.

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            1. re: Seth Chadwick

              Coming from philly/SJ..i almost fell flat on the floor when i saw my tab at Corleone's. They make a good cheesesteak, however they are on the stingy side when it comes to the amount of whiz or provolone on the sandwich.
              I will be checking out Mancini's soon, i met someone on my flight back to philly over the holidays whom grew up in Philly and has been a longtime PHX resident mention it with rave reviews.

              1. re: fastnoypi

                A agree with the prices at Corleone's. I'm from Philly too. Mancini's in my opinion have the best steaks in Phoenix.