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phx metro cheesesteak recommendation?

in scottsdale but will travel for a great cheesesteak.

am a fan of wiz after having seen david rosengarten's food network "taste" episode on cheesesteaks (has been many years since but i loved that show for the food education - each show featured 1 dish/ingredient).

were on the way out the door for spam musubi (at our 2 year old's request) when we saw a FN show featuring cheesesteaks. almost veto'ed her and went to corleone's.

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  1. Coming from Philadelphia, I know your craving well. One of the places I would say to try is Corleone's. There's one off of the 101 and Raintree. They're from Philly. Another place I would way is Uncle Sam's. It's where I go when I'm craving a cheesesteak.

    1. DeFalco's, on the west side of Scottsdale Rd., just north of Oak St (south of Thomas). Their cheesesteak is one of the best sandwiches I've ever had. I don't know if it's really Philly style (haven't been to Philly), but it's a great sandwich. Ask for it "on a crusty baguette with the peppers, onions and mushrooms." If you like things spicy, ask for the hot peppers as well.

      I do know one person who thinks the sandwich has too much cheese...I disagree. ;)

      1. good call az10. our favorite is corleone's as well. we also do uncle sam's often. thanks for the reply. have seen a place down on mill that looks interesting. think there is another on indian school & 30th/40th?

        dg. we also love defalco's. haven't cheesesteaked there so i'll have to try that. i get stuck getting the pepperoni/egg sandwich. the cheese sausage when they have it there rocks!

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          pepperoni/egg is good too, but cheesesteak is better imo. The sausage/pepper/onion is good too. If you do try the cheesesteak, let me know how it compares to Corleone's. The only person I know (outside Chow) who has recommended Corleone's to me is someone who also goes bananas over Applebee's and c/c factory, so I've been skeptical. But I think I'll have to give them a chance, after reading this thread.

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            Don...we used to eat pepper and egg subs back east.....(green pepper and egg/omelet) Who make's egg subs here? I have had a craving for years that I just can't satisfy....

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              I bet they'd make you one at DeFalco's if you asked. I don't think it's on the menu though.

        2. Love Uncle Sam's as well......even though theirs is not the traditional Cheesesteak (no cheesewhiz) they use provolone.....their sandwiches are huge, flavorful, plenty of meat, mushrooms, cheese.... We like our w/ sweet peppers!
          They also have a chicken version which is yummy too!
          Get it w/ a side of fried 'shrooms or zucchini...............

          1. I thought Corleone's made a decent sandwich, but be ready for sticker shock. My sandwich, fries and drink combo was almost $11.00.

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              Coming from philly/SJ..i almost fell flat on the floor when i saw my tab at Corleone's. They make a good cheesesteak, however they are on the stingy side when it comes to the amount of whiz or provolone on the sandwich.
              I will be checking out Mancini's soon, i met someone on my flight back to philly over the holidays whom grew up in Philly and has been a longtime PHX resident mention it with rave reviews.

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                A agree with the prices at Corleone's. I'm from Philly too. Mancini's in my opinion have the best steaks in Phoenix.

            2. Corleones has been running coupons for 2- 4 -1 in the Savvy Shopper and some of the other coupon periodicals......
              We never found the quantity/quality of food @ Corleone's to be commensurate w/ the price

              1. I totally get the value comments. Often walk out of there around $30 for 2.5 (includes the 2 year old). I just don't think I've had a better cheesesteak here.

                Tried DB's Philly up at 101 & Scottsdale & it wasn't anything special. As a matter of fact, it's gone now as is the Coldstone and the Coldstone at FLW & the 101 (what to do with my free birthday coupon?).

                I do know though that I've seen several non-chain cheesesteak shops over the valley. If nobody has hit any of them, maybe we'll just have to do a tour of exploration.

                1. I can't attest to the authenticity (and it's been awhile since I was there), but in the past I've always loved the cheesesteaks at Max's Best of Philly. It's located in a strip mall behind the Carl's Jr at Longmore/Southern in Mesa. They've been around forever (used to be at a freestanding building at Cooper/University).

                  1. My vote for best cheesesteak in the Valley is Flancer's Cafe (http://www.flancers.com/) in Gilbert. I was there yesterday and as always, great sandwich. Also, the fries are excellent. It's worth the trip to suburbia, IMHO.

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                      Agreed that they are great, although again I'm not sure what a purist would think. Then again, a great sandwich is a great sandwich, right? :) Speaking of which, there's a new place called Adrian's Parkplace (next to the Cupz at McQueen and Elliot) that is wonderful. Their cheesesteak actually uses thicker chunks of filet mignon (rather than the sliced/chopped beef on a typical cheesesteak) on homemade bread.....very good. The place is a bit of a hole-in-the-wall, but it's comfortable and friendly, and everything I've had there has been very good.

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                        I was on South Street in Philly last Feb, and my recommendation came with no caveats. Some purists favor whiz, some provolone, while Flancer's does white American. Haven't even tried to substitute - it's good as is.

                    2. A quote from our friend amkirkland on another thread:

                      "...I'd recommend the Philly Cheesesteak place at 5th ave and scottsdale. Not a phoenician thing, but a great cheesesteak for sure."


                      Anyone know more about this place?

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                      1. re: don giovanni

                        Philadelphia Sandwich Company:

                        Never had a sandwich there, but I do know they stock Tastykake.

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                          I know that I had Defalco's tonight and would definitely recommend them over the philadelphia sandwich co. The PSC (as I'll refer to them from here on out) is a slimmer, more managable sandwich, especially if taking a stroll around old town, for example. The bread may have been better at PSC too. But Holy COW I think I'm gonna be dreaming about defalco's tonight. I should also say that these comments don't reflect any awareness of "authenticity."

                          1. re: amkirkland

                            Nice! Yeah, I've had dreams about the DF's cheesesteak. It's pretty hard for me to imagine getting a better one somewhere else around here!

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                              the place just is'nt the same since the real owners of the PHILADELPHIA SANDWICH CO. sold it like 7 month's ago. the steak's are smaller the service is not the same!! come on guy's if you would have just done the right thing and not changed anything you would still be number one in my book!!!! I have to say I still go in from time to time in hope's that i'll see the old owner there but it's just a dream.. hay does anyone know where he opened his new place someone told me on the west-side but where???please respond thanks

                              1. re: fromphilly

                                The new place is called Mancini's. It's at 56th ave and Bell. The cheesesteaks are the best I've found here in the valley. I'm from Philly so my expectations are kind of high. Corleone's is good too but in my opinion Mancini's is much better. The other sandwiches are also good. http://foodhuntersguide.blogspot.com/....

                          2. Old thread but I felt the need to chime in about DeFalco's - their cheesesteak is pretty darned good. So the bread isn't quite what it should be, but the meat and cheese really make up for it. I think it's definitely worth checking out if you're a fan and haven't tried it. I hadn't eaten there in a while until tonight and glad I made it back.

                            1. A place called Forefather's opened up at the intersection of Priest and Warner in Tempe a few months back and I've been eating there regularly, as it's close to my office and good. They've got big vats of wiz and make a pretty authentic Philly steak according to my two coworkers who lived in Philly for years. The rolls hold up well and have just enough crust to them, and the steak is well-seasoned. I'm not a big fan of the fries, and I think the space inside is obnoxiously echoey, but the cheesesteaks are great.


                              1. Flancer's, hands down.

                                1. I would put Defalco's just ahead of uncle Sam's. Have not tried Corleones or the other places. great atmosphere and italian groceries at DeFalco's.

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                                    I like Uncle Sam's, but DeFalco's is fantastic and so is their meatball sub. I'd put both of them ahead of Corleone's, which is good, too.

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                                      Meatball sub, cheesesteak, sausage w/peppers and onions, all worthy of a stop. The sausage isn't as good as Luke's IMO, but still tasty.

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                                        I love Uncle Sam's but my two friends from Philly tell me Corleone's is as close to the real thing as they've had here. Will have to take them to DeFalcos. Will try Forefathers today, that's close to my new office.

                                        1. re: AguasFrescas

                                          I wouldn't argue the authenticity claim. I've never had a cheesesteak in Philly. I like all three places. My local favorite was Longhitano's, which was supposed to be pretty authentic. They disappeared a couple of years ago.

                                          1. re: misohungrychewlow

                                            Longhitano's was great. My step-dad and I used to go there on nights we were on our own for dinner, and he used to eat at Longhitano's in Philly when they both lived back there.
                                            Tom Longhitano refused to make pizza here for a long time because he couldn't get his crust right with Arizona water. I think he started having it trucked in. That's pride in craftmanship.

                                    2. The Philadelphia Sandwich Company in old town scottsdale on 5th Ave. They wiz and they're open 24hrs a day. Look for the crowd!

                                      The service sucks. but the cheesesesteaks are awesome!

                                      And I mean the service SUX hard! There's one girl that works there that is a total beotch, but I'll sacrifice good service if I can get a great sandwich at 3am!

                                      1. If you find yourself anywhere downtown Phoenix, check out The Phoenix Cheesesteak Company. I believe that it started as a food truck, but went brink and mortar a few months ago. I've eaten there a handful of times and they use top notch ingredients and turn out great quality stuff. 7th Street between Mcdowell and Thomas.
                                        2605 N. 7th Street

                                        1. If you're in the Gilbert area, try Mike's Burgers, Cheesesteaks, and Ice Cream. Mike gets all his meat from the Midwestern Meat Market, uses their prime rib for the cheesesteaks, and makes a really delicious one. His homemade fries and potato chips are exceptional, too.


                                          On Gilbert, between Warner and Ray, on the west side of the road.

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                                            Prime rib instead of the standard ribeye is an interesting choice.

                                          2. I agree corleone's is just like the ones I've had in Philly. That said, I think it sucks and I do t like the ones from Philly either. I think that is something u need to grow up with.
                                            DeFalco's on the other hand, one of the best sandwiches I've ever had of any kind (Philly with onions and shrooms). It's just awesome.