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Mar 11, 2007 10:25 PM

Looking for great spaghetti carbonara in Rome

I'll be staying at the top of the Spanish Steps and would love to find a great local place
to eat carbonara on my arrival Thursday night.

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  1. Try Il Carbonara on the Camp di Fiori!

    1. The best carbonara we tasted during our trip to Rome was at Da Gigetto. Actually, it was the best carbonara we've ever tasted. Period.

      1. Actually, I thought "Carbonara" in Campo di Fiori was mediocre. It is a classic, but my husband put it perfectly by saying "they stopped caring long ago". We love the carbonara at Armando al Pantheon. Also, you can't go wrong at La Rampa just below the Spanish Steps. Never had the carbonara and they are a little touristy, but the food was always good. And I never had carbonara at Da Gigetto either, but I do love that restaurant so it would be worth a try. But be sure to start with the carciofi fritti (fried artichokes).

        1. One of my first stops in Rome is always "Perilli" on the Via Marmorata for their carbonara. Bring your appetite.

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            Tell me where the Via Marmorata is. I can't find it on my map's index. Thanks

            1. re: Sid Cundiff

              It runs from about the Porta San Paolo to the Tiber. If you can find the Metro station"Piramide" on your map look for the long straight street between the station and the river.

              1. re: Sid Cundiff

                supplementing Bropaul's post, its the northern border of Testaccio, along the Tiber just south of the Aventine Hill.

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                Bropaul...did a little research on Perilli, sounds like a real you know if its open on Sundays? Another site said closed Wednesday. A stop there would round out my Rome dining itinerary in June...

                1. re: dzier

                  The info I have (ancient) also gives their closing day as Wednesday.

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                    Been looking for a good place open on Sunday, within reasonable distance from ancient Rome...does the staff speak English or shall I brush up on some phrases? I've read enough great reviews about the place to pencil them in for a Sunday dinner after touring Ancient Rome...thanks for the info...can't wait!

              3. Carbonara is so dicey -- it's so easy to ruin. What you want is a cook with a sure touch who's been making it for 20+ years, and that's getting very hard to find. Hostaria Nerone has good carbonara, made by the owner's sister, who has a real gift for it. And I hate to say it, but Al Moro can usually guarantee a good carbonara. "Spaghetti al moro" is carbonara with red instead of black pepper, and they do have a good touch. Up in the rarefied Trinità dei Monti, where you'll be, I can't think of anyplace traditional enough.

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                1. re: mbfant

                  mbfant...will they make it with black pepper also? My wife isn't much for the heat of red pepper ...

                  Also...another site calls it a "light" carbonarra ... and says the chef likes to cook with salt. Your opinion?

                  1. re: dzier

                    I'm sure they would make it with black pepper, though the red is not overwhelming and it is not the friendliest place. I suppose you could call it light, though light carbonara is something of an oxymoron. I haven't had the dish in a number of years. As for salt, I can't say about this specific case, but I do know that traditional Roman restaurants in general have a heavier hand with the salt than many visitors are used to.