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Mar 11, 2007 09:17 PM

Red Robin, Anderson Mill and 183

I don't know what to say about this place... it was completely full by noon on Saturday. I've read good things - hmmm.

From the beginning, they had a tough time deciding how to configure a table for four adults. Okay - they were packed.

The menu looked somewhat promising - but definitely trying to be all things to all people, particularly if the people are not from around here. Appetizers are pricey and typical bar type fare. The descriptions were interesting but the execution - a bit bland.

Waitress was okay, I guess, if one is feeling generous. She found it necessary to interrupt conversations... just came over to the table and started asking questions when clearly she should have waited or at least excused herself before speaking as we were having conversation. She did this several times. I guess she wasn't raised well. I don't think she was aware of who was the guest and who was the server. (I've waited tables so I would say that she was simply rude - did not meet my standard).

So I ordered a burger (supposed to be what they do well) and she says "pink or no pink". My reply is, "I beg your pardon"... "pink or no pink"... I'm a medium rare sort so I guess the answer is pink. I know at this point it will be gray... and it is.

Bottom line, three less than acceptable burgers, one good salad, four beers and a coke - $54 before tip.

I do have to admit that I don't really like steak fries, but theirs were a little smaller and quite tastey. It's a bottomless serving so I suppose if one feels like overeating, that could be a plus?

Yuk - I can't think of any reason to return.


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  1. Thanks for the review. I think I'll pass on visiting them anytime soon judging by your experience. It's just another giant hamburger chain like Fuddruckers and Johnny Rocket's.

    I think I'll stick to my nearby fave, Riata Bar & Grill, for burgers and beer.

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    1. re: verily

      Riata Bar & Grill is good? The exterior never made me interested in going in...

      What are their burgers like?

      1. re: sweet100s

        I like it well enough and it's right down the road from my workplace. I wouldn't know how it compares to the best in Austin, but their burger is nicely juicy and reasonably thick (about 1/3 pound). I've never had a waitress ask me how I want it cooked. They serve a regular hamburger with curly fries on the side for about $6.00. $2.00 draft beers. Service is generally pretty fast, but it does get a bit crowded at night when the locals & employees from the nearby tech companies come in to watch sports on the big screen.

        What attracts me are their buns. They don't use standard hamburger buns. They either bake their own (probably from a premade dough) or get them from a local bakery. I've had similar buns at Phil's Ice House. You get a choice of white, wheat, or jalapeño cheese. I always go for the jalapeño cheese, which is both spicy and sweet.

    2. We had a similar experience...I mean, we KNEW we were "slumming" in going to this chain, but something about them had us curious. The whole "pink or no pink" thing has become a running joke, and I wish they had offered "slick with grease or not slick with grease" instead. The most surreal part is when the giant Red Robin mascot came making the was borderline scary. Our server was OK....yours sounds awful...I bet they get used to just trying to compete with the din in there....TVs blaring, the weird clapping birthday song sung every 5 minutes....I'm with you - never again!

      1. While not a hounder's destination, RedRobin, IMHO, serves consistently decent burgers, and fairly addictive fries. I go there maybe once-twice a year, generally when travelling for business in a town where I just want grub. Definitely not the "best" anything, but better than fast-food burgers and many chain restaurants for "pub grub" style foods.