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Flatbreads of the world - so many "pizza" options

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While thinking about pizza, I found some flatbread info in McGee.

"...This puffing, and the bread's thinness, make them tender; and since neither requires a strong gluten, flatbreads can be made from all kinds of grains. Despite the short baking time, the high temperatures develop a delicious toasted flavor across the extensive surface of flatbreads....

...When puffing is undesirable - in crackers, for example, which would become too fragile - the sheeted dough is "docked," or pricked in a regular pattern with a pointed utensil - a fork, or a special stamp - to form dense gluten nodes that resist puffing."

(I left out a few countries/breads)

Unleavened breads

Israel - matzoh
Armenia - lavash
Italy - carta di musica
Norway - lefse
Scotland - bannock
China - shaobing, baobing
India - chapati, paratha, phulka, puri, golegappa (golgappa), lucchi
Mexico - tortilla

Leavened breads

Iran - sangak
Italy - focaccia, pizza
Egypt - baladi
Ethiopia - injera
India - naan
U.S. - English muffin, soda cracker, pretzel

Semolina, potato, oat, barley, wheat, maize, teff... doesn't this make you want to experiment?

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  1. I do make pizza on naan and tortillas, but the idea of making pizza on a roti for some reason does not feel right. I wonder why...

    1. Aren't English muffins, uh, English?

      More flatbreads: