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Mar 11, 2007 09:09 PM

Best in Barcelona?

I'm new-ish to Chowhound and posted this to Int'l before realizing I should put it under Spain, so here it is again. Hope that's not bad form. My husband and I are celebrating our 30th (!!) anniversary with a 4 day wkend in Barcelona in May and I want the gastronomic best. It's a special trip and money's not an issue. I'm considering the well-knowns like Abac, Gaig, Alkimia & Cinc Sentis but I've seen some negative posts for all without specifics. I'm aware these may be dealt with in earlier threads, but inexperienced as I am, I haven't managed to track them down. Can anyone suggest (probably for the hundredth time!) which would be most romantic, fun and delicious? We've got four dinner and three lunches, so I'd appreciate advice about what not to miss. Also, are all these places particularly tourist-y? Can anyone recommend an absolutely special place that might be off the beaten path? Obviously, Barcelona has so many choices for good food, it's hard to go without guidance.

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  1. I've suggested all of these in other threads, and wouldn't suggest them unless we really liked them. Which we did! I have no complaints. One place I would stay away from if you want quiet and romantic is the Moo at the Omm hotel. Great food, but it's very trendy and loud. (The sculptures on the tables are neat though, if you decided you wanted to go another night.)

    If you want a place off the beaten path, Restaurant Magi Vinya Rosa is a great place to start. It's smaller, not much to look at, but divine! The chef was wonderful and so was his staff. The food was superb! Click on the square in the middle of the web page and that will take you to the rest of the website. You can print a map from the website to give to your driver too under "Ubicacion" at the bottom of the page.

    ABAC -definitely nice and upscale! We loved it. I'd choose this over Cinc Sentits because it felt more intimate to me even though it was a little larger. It wasn't as bright as Cinc Sentits which made it a little more romantic for us.

    Cinc Sentits - If you did want to try it, it was awesome.The brother and sister who run it are really nice. It is small and somehwat intimate, but the tables aren't spaced too far away from each other. So if you get stuck next to a loud table you're SOL. We had a very loud family behind us and it sort of ruined the mood.

    A place to try for lunch if you get good weather is Bestial-close to the Hotel Arts-which is a Ritz Carlton. Grab a seat outside and look at the Mediterranean Sea while enjoying some great food.

    Hope these help.

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      Thanks, Heather. It's taking me a while to check back, but I appreciate your suggestions. I booked Abac and Cinq Sentits to start and will play the rest by ear.

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        i'm in BCN on a grande gastrotour and have some tips

        Thus far, cal pep has been my family and I's favourite place...none of us speak a lick of spanish, much less Catalan, and the service at this 1 bar joint was fantastic...we let them do all the ordering and save for the chickpea and squid dish my mom wasn't so fond of, they hit the mark each time..i'll upload some of my photos when i get's the story on cal pep though that i didn't really get until i was there...GET THERE EARLY. i think it opens at 7>30 or 8, but unless you want to wait, i would ge there before it opens...second: it's like a long bar that you sit down at...people who want tables stand basically behind you, waiting for a stool, it's that small, hence why you want to get there early..
        i know yer looking for a more typically romantic spot, but if eating food off yer hunny's fingers doesn't do it, moody lighting probably won't either..

        we also went to commerce24....though i enjoyed it, i thought the use of foam in everycourse was overkill...very fun, very different meal, however, and i'm glad we went...i'll post our picks and pics when we get back with more details