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Mar 11, 2007 08:48 PM

Wedding Cake Bakery - O.C. area

I need help finding a good bakery that will deliver a Wedding Cake to the Mission Viejo area. My sister is getting married in November, but she's having a tough time locating a good bakery within her price range. We're looking for a cake to feed 250 people and priced at about $500+/-. That price can include sheet cakes or not. We're open to possibilities depending on how good the cake is.

We were trying to find a great Chinese bakery in the area, because she loves their light and airy cakes with the whipped frosting. But we've run into difficulties due to language barriers.

Any suggestions? Please...

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  1. I'm really fuzzy on where Mission Viejo is, but is Costa Mesa close enough for you? I'm pretty sure the Ranch 99 Plaza there has a bakery, or at least one in the market.

    One problem you'll most likely have is Chinese bakeries don't deliver. I'm sorry I can't be more helpful; I thought I'd throw it out since you haven't gotten any responses.

    1. Givral Bakery on Bolsa makes great wedding cakes.

      You can visit Givral Bakery at:
      9525 Bolsa Ave
      Westminster, CA 92683
      Or call at: 714-839-9711

      We had our wedding cake done at Final Touch. They delivered to the reception site and set up there. Our florist then added the flowers to the cake on site.

      1. Diho Bakery is Chinese, but I don't know if they do wedding cakes. It is on Culver, just off the 5 freeway. There is a Ranch 99 Market at Jeffrey and the 5 freeway. I think you'll have a problem finding a cake for that price.

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          Try any of the Vans bakeries-not Vons-They are a Vietnamese bakery with several locations in O.C. Don't know if they deliver but their Wedding cakes are great and very inexpensive with many choices. Have used them for several weddings.

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