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Mar 11, 2007 08:26 PM

Weekday Breakfast or Lunch at Balthazar

Hi All!
I am from Toronto and am visiting NYC this week with my mom, from Monday-Thursday. We want to try Balthazar for either a late Breakfast or early Lunch. Any opinions on whether the breakfast/brunch food or the lunch food is better? Just trying to plan on what time to arrive (they only serve breakfast during the week until 11:30am) and whether to make reservations.

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  1. Breakfast is good, and a lot less hectic than other meals, but I'd go for lunch if you can, and do try to get a reservation.

    1. You don't need a resy for breakfast. They have wonderful croissants and pastries and it's a wonderful people-watching venue. Lunch is a little less of a scene, with typical (and good) bistro food, but you will need a reservation.

      1. I would steer towards Balthazar for lunch. Their breakfast and brunch are both terrific (I'm there nearly every other Sunday) but I love spending lunches there. They have lovely wines by the glass/carafe, and I like the energy better around lunch time. But as the others have posted, reservations are a good idea.

        1. Thanks!! I have made reservations for tomorrow at lunch!!