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Mar 11, 2007 08:13 PM

Much uncharted territory, R.I. Hounds

Wonderful resource, this board, but it is not exhaustive enough. It nags me: There MUST be undiscovered treasure out there. I wish I could search any eatery name and learn at least something for better or for worse, but plenty of places have never been posted about. Could they all be not worth mentioning or have all the local hounds been looking under the same streetlamp?

This is a call: Pick a mysterious, unprepossessing diner, restaurant, pizzeria or tavern that has never been written about, take a chance, and share what you learn. Someone is bound to find a winner, and the losers will no longer make me itch with curiousity every time I drive by.

Here are 2 for starters.

Churrasqueria Da Beira, on Broadway in Pawtucket. Even google didn't turn up a word about it besides the phonebook stuff. So we went. Pretty quiet on a weeknight. Calimari- forget it. Caldo Verde- nothing special. Marinated Pork with Littlenecks- they were out of clams, so they made it with shrimp- again nothing special, but huge and not bad. Just when I was thinking it's good to know not to bother to come back comes the Batter Fried Scrod with Seafood Sauce- Wow. Thick, fresh, tasty, delicate batter, perfectly done, fruity garlicky sauce, $10.00. The waitress said the weekends are very different - lots of specials. If they tend to be as good as the scrod, this place could be a true low budget treasure. Does anyone else have any experience here?

Red Bridge Tavern, foot of Waterman Ave, East Providence. Another blank on chowhound. We had Calimari and Burger. Not great, but quite satisfactory. Decent draft beer selection and very friendly all ages atmosphere. A worthwhile alternative if you feel like getting off the East Side by going only two blocks past the bridge. There. Now it is on the record.

A few more chowhound blanks waiting to be filled:

La Camelia- Waterman Ave East Providence. We enjoyed it ages ago and noticed it seems to still be there. What's up?

La Moias Tapas - Pocasset Ave. Thumbs down or thumbs up?

City Line Pizza - North Main Street. I'm afraid to try it, but I always wonder...

Who else is ready to go where no hounds have gone before?

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  1. We go to the Red Bridge Tavern once every few months. Good, not faaaabulous, but good, burgers, and good place to go w/the kids. I pass it every day.

    I think there's a high concentration of east siders here (not that there's anything wrong w/that!) and the ruts do happen. But I discovered Taqueria Lupita (and indirectly, El Paisa---the Colombian place also on Dexter in CF) here, and I'm returning there today for lunch!

    I will step up, and hit some random places (or La Camelia) soon and report back.

    1. Why not give City Line Pizza a try? If nothing else, when you call there you'll be dialing the W. family's ancestral telephone number!!

      Another area that looks to be a mother lode of chow is the route 5 corridor through Warwick, Cranston, and Johnston. The strip is loaded with pizza joints, bakeries, fish and chip houses, weiner joints, etc. Two years ago just driving around while killing some down time I found the classic Wein-O-Rama right there on Park Ave. purely by chance.

      1. That Wein-O-Rama is on Oaklawn, no?

        Garden Hills Deli, on Oaklawn-----very good meats and Italian grinders. And only sausage I'll buy, outisde Tedesco's in Johnston.

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        1. re: Moonpie1

          yes, Oaklawn Ave, my bad. 1009 Oaklawn Ave -- at least I got the Route 5 part right!

        2. Well, further down on Rt. 5 (at least I think it's still rt. 5----in any case, it's Cranston St) is Cafe Itri----I'm sure it has been written about here, but it's a great meal.

          1. I love this idea! I have the same feeling that there must be undiscovered (by me) mom and pop joints around every corner, but you just can't try them all.

            I'll take one for the team and try City Line Pizza. I work near there, and it's a great excuse to eat something greasy and irresponsible for lunch. I'll let you know...