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Mar 11, 2007 08:06 PM

Alphabet City Dining

Any suggestions?

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  1. Sure, cuisine/price range/more specific location?

    1. casa adela, on 4th and c, for rotisserie chicken and pernil.

      1. Zum Schneider for German food and good beer, Ave C and 7th.

        Mama's on 3rd St between A & B, good home cooking and soul food.

        Il Bagatto on 2nd between A& B, sometimes great Italian, sometimes tricky service.

        1. Barbone on B near 12th has excellent Italian

          1. Cafecito on C between 11th and 12th has nice Cuban food. Esperanto on C and 9th is also good (Latin food). There's also Royale at C and 10th for burgers, Tigerland at A between 5th & 6th for pan-asian, Supper on 2nd between A&B for Italian, and Minca at 5th between A & B if you like ramen...