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Mar 11, 2007 07:53 PM

Orlando and Cocoa Beach - no car, 70 teens

Chaperoning a band/choir trip to Orlando from Toronto, Canada May 3rd to 8th. Staying at the Rosen Plaza Hotel (9700 International Drive), and will not have a car. IF I get some free time, where can I walk for good chow? (Also willing to take a taxi if $5-$10 away). I don't necessarily want to take my 70 kids with me!

We are also spending all day Sunday at Cocoa Beach (not the Space Centre). Anything within a very short walk of the beach? (e.g. less than 5 mins. away, so that nobody notices I'm missing). We'll also be spending time at Wet 'n' Wild and Universal Studios if there is any real chow there (I'm not holding out any hope).

I have heard from a 'hound that Boston Lobster Feast is terrific but the review is a few years old.

Are there any FL specialities that we Canadians must try? I love everything but obviously fine dining is not an option for me on this trip. Take-out and quick eats are best. Seafood and southern would be awesome.

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  1. Cocoa Beach can be a little spread out,but here is a list of Brevard restaurants that might get you started.

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      Wow, this 12 page list will certainly come in handy on Sunday!

    2. For FL specialties, there's the typical bar food of grilled or fried fish, typically grouper or mahi-mahi, sandwich and fries. Finish if off with a slice of key lime pie. Publix grocery stores key lime pie is generally better that what you'll get in restaurants.

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        Sorry, but the Publix key lime pie ($7.49) was really disappointing. It doesn't contain key limes, only lime and lots of hydrogenated oils. We ate it after our make-your-own sandwich lunch on Saturday. Not even tart enough!

      2. there's a shuttle/trolley that operates along i-drive if you want to save the cab fare.

        you're very close (within walking distance i believe) to pointe orlando which has quite a few restaurants - many of them are newer additions to that development -- it's being revamped or some such

        as for cocoa, i don't get over there very often - but i presume from your post you're looking for something right off of the beach or within walking distance of where you all will be hanging out -- your best bet (if no one else comes up with any suggestions that is) would be to type "cocoa beach, fl" into google maps, then type in the word 'grill' or 'restaurant' and then get some idea of where you want to be on the beach based on the places where you might want to take a walk.

        good luck -- 70 teens, LIKE,OMG! :0


        have fun and bring lotsa sunscreen!

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          I second the Pointe Orlando, specifically Maggiano's, as they have a family style menu (Italian Favorites) you can order from which should be ideal for 70 kids.

        2. consider skipping universal studios and spending the money at emerils just outside the entrance instead.

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            Like, OMG! ;-) The real Emeril's? Do they do take-out? Is it worth the hype?

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                It's the real Emeril...well worth it especially for lunch.

            1. If you're going to Islands of Adventure at Universal be sure to try Mythos. Its the best theme park restaurant in the country, much better than anything you've had in that type of setting before.

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                Wow, I never thought I'd hear the words "best theme park restaurant in the country" ever! Is Islands of Adventure inside the main Universal Studios theme park? If so, I know where I'll be camped out "available to students in case of emergency" all day!

                1. re: Food Tourist

                  There are two parks on the Universal property, Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. Mythos is in Islands of Adventure. If you aren't going to be at that park you might want to see if you can still go in to eat at Mythos. They used to have a program that allowed you to do that, but I'm not sure if thats the case anymore.

                  Here is one of their menus. They tweak it quite a bit, so it won't be exactly the same when you go.