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Mar 11, 2007 07:38 PM

New pizza delivery in downtown LA

Saw flyers for a new pizza place downtown - Purgatory Pizza. Called from the office and had a pie delivered (always up for a change from Pitfire). Nice crust, thin, not too salty and good sauce. Not a super big menu but they're offering the basics. Got a large with fresh basil & goat cheese and was pleasantly surprised for $16.00. Delivery only but it's free w/ min $10.00 order. Talked to the person on the phone who said the owner used to manage Nicky D's (before it went to hell in a handbasket.) I'll order again when we're working late.

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  1. Rocket Pizza lounge in the Bank District also delivers. Aside from the really good meatball sub, their pizzas are really well-prepared. The TBG (or tomato, basil, garlic) pizza is a favorite, esp. if you like garlic. The place also has a Rocket Pizza, made with scrambled eggs -- it's ok, in a very weird fritatta way.

    Open until midnight on Fri/Sat; 10 p.m. on other days.

    1. OK, you-all have given me the set-up, and the answer's not visible on the web-page, so here goes:

      Exactly where IS Purgatory? Virgil, are you out there? I'll be abandoning all hope soon!

      r gould-saltman

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        it's delivery only, which is probably why they don't have the address on the website.