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Honey Kettle's Fried Chicken

I live in the Culver City area, and I always pass by a restaurant called "Honey Kettle's Fried Chicken". My question is has anyone ever tried this place before and liked it? I'd really like to know before deciding whether or not to go there with some pals. Thanks!

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  1. I really liked the chicken the one time I hat it. I'm not very knowledgeable about fried chicken, but this was nice and crispy outside and very moist inside. I also liked the hush puppies and the biscuits.

    It's pretty much a fast food arrangement. You order at a counter and get your food there. Service is not the best. There are some posts on this board about long waits.

    1. The food is good ... but the two times i went the waits were long ... give yourself some extra time if your on your lunch hour ...

      1. I really wanted to like this place but found their chicken disappointing on more than one occasion. Way too salty and greasy, it has the dried out flavor of something that has been sitting under a heat lamp for hours. I know they fry their chicken fresh, it just tastes off to me.

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          We order perhaps once a month, more, the most problems we have had is that when we show up, it is not ready, and we give plenty of time. It is not dried out, it is wonderful!

          However, finally, we asked, why not ready? Reply was...so often people don't show up for orders, they don't like to cook until one shows up. Now, I am not talking walk in and what has been sitting under the lamps, but we find it fabulous, delicious, crispy.
          Now we know to expect a wait, even for called in orders. There are other subject threads on this, do a search. For your taste, it may be salty or greasy, but dried out I will not agree with. Service is another issue. Cole slaw is very good. Bisquits also.

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            I walked in on three separate occasions and had dry salty chicken. I'm glad your experience has been different.

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              It has been. Greasy? Well, won't dispute that....as it is fried...however, when one gets it fresh, and waiting is required, it is great friend chicken. Am I an expert, no. Sorry for your experience.

        2. We like the chicken but IMHO the sides are what set them apart. However, we weren't overwhelmed by the food. I'm not huge on fried chicken, and when we are in the area which is often, we usually have something else as there are so many great choices in that immediate neighborhood.

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            I mostly enjoy the wings. Plump and yummy and crunchy when fresh! Yes, agreed, so many choices in the 'hood. Still, when the craving hits, we order, pick up, live minutes away, bring them back, and smack away! We also like the potato salad. I will say the service can be lacking, we simply accept it, and get it regardless!

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              Yeah, I think if they were closer to where we live, we might try them more often as well... But my wife is now a vegetarian, and places like Honey Kettle don't rank high on vege-friendly lists, so trips to Tender Greens are more standard now - they have good choices for just about everyone...

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                I certainly would not suggest Honey Kettle for vegetarians! For that chicken wing or fried chicken fix, yes, I would!

          2. I liked my chicken and catfish just fine, but I love love loved the biscuit. Light as air and crispy around the edges, with a great buttery scent. I'm pretty sure it's artificially enhanced to smell that buttery, but it's divine.

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              I have heard good things about the biscuits there. How many do you get in an order, and can you order just a side of them, with no chicken?

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                I got mine as part of a meal, but here's the menu:


                One for 69 cents, 6 for $4.

            2. I don't like it. I wanted to like it, but after a few visits, I still don't like that chicken. Too greasy and NO FLAVOR. I don't get take out. I eat it there so presumably the chicken is pretty freshly fried. Unless you order a set combo, they have a hard time understanding your order. The only good thing there is the biscuit. Popeye's chicken is better, it's greasy also, but at least there's flavor.

              1. i like it! a lot! the only problem is the non-chalant (i don't give a F) attitude by the rugrats behind the counter, but the chicken is delish and the biscuits literally melt in your mouth.

                1. Uh, not sure what I am missing here.....but I didn't love it.

                  After passing it up a few times for other Culver City eateries, we finally went in. I think I didn't love it for many reasons:
                  * it was about an hour before they closed
                  * I was in a bad mood because my husband was being a tool
                  * It was crowded and fighting for tables was happening.
                  * the person taking my order was an idiot
                  * I had a lot of popcorn at the screening I was at across the street earlier and I wasn' t that hungry

                  -- Biscuit: soaked in butter (too buttery).
                  -- Chicken: so much breading, where is the chicken? - on the plus side, it did remind me of Pioneer, which I loved as a kid. Like Roscoes better.
                  -- Catfish - this was like all batter and bones and little fish
                  -- Lemonade - I didn't try it but toolish husband loved it.
                  -- Pickle chips - no idea, they were supposed to come with my meal but they forgot them and I was too annoyed to go ask for them.
                  -- Corn on the cob, dunno - they ran out but didn't tell us until our order was ready. Toolish husband was peeved. His consulation was...
                  -- Potato Salad - FANTASTIC.

                  I will go back, I think you have to be really hungry to appreciate it more.

                  1. I think the chicken here is great. Crispy and salty outside and moist and juicy inside. I actually like it more than Roscoe's because it doesn't taste as greasy and my stomach doesn't complain after. The previous posters are right on the biscuits: they're great.

                    As some other people mentioned, their service is very poor. One time I was there, I asked for a cup of water to go with my food and I had to wait at the counter for at least 5 minutes while everyone working there was standing around talking to each other.

                    1. Note that there has been a 2-for-1 coupon for the chicken and pancakes in the Calendar section of the Thursday L.A. Times the last few weeks. You can find it in the magazine sort of section, in the back, behind the Thursday restaurant review.

                      1. Count me as a no vote. We (the family) live within walking distance and went there several times. It wasn't dry but to me the chicken itself (not the breading) has a chemical overtone that I attribute to whatever they use to brine the chicken. My not very fussy kids don't like it much either and the wife hates it but she's not big on any fried chicken. With the aforementioned service issues it's not worth the bother.

                        1. I love this place! Great crispy chicken and moist biscuits. Their hotcakes are nice and fluffy. Come hungry!

                          1. The wait can be pretty terrible, but I think you have to eat it there, vs take out. It's really good while it's still sizzling...the batter is crispy yet slightly mellow. The smaller pieces are better (wings, legs) because there's more batter to meat, as the breast meat can be a little dry underneath and you're fighting against a clock to eat it before it cools down and gets lackluster. Honey Kettle chicken is the BEST fried chicken in town within 2 minutes of it coming out of the fryer. You can't wait longer than that or it starts sliding quickly into mediocre. The biscuits are disappointing to look at (small, flat), but they're incredible while they're still piping hot. They're super buttery and they melt in your mouth. You dip them in a little honey and it's the sluttiest, most delicious thing ever.

                            Their lemonade is really good as well. It's smooth and goes well with the chicken. I think Markie D's on Washington not too far away (the Philly Cheesesteak place) has better lemonade (they have mint and blueberry in bottles, but they taste really fresh!), but it's still a great complement.

                            I haven't tried this places waffles and pancakes. Part of me is equally afraid that it won't be as good as Roscoe's or that it'll be better, but my recommendation for the chicken since there have been mixed reviews, is to make sure you walk in and EAT IN, as you really do have to eat the chicken as soon as it's served for you to get the peak experience.

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                                I think that means I've gotta have pancakes tonight. ;) Thanks for the rec.