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Mar 11, 2007 07:16 PM

NCAA dinner and drink options in Buffalo

We will be in Buffalo late week for round 1 of the NCAA tournament. We need recommendations for a classy local bar with good food to watch the games that we won't be seeing in person. Also, we'd appreciate dinner recommendations in the Buffalo or Niagra areas for Thursday and Friday evenings.

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  1. Pearl Street Brewing Company has good pub food and you can watch the games.

    1. Not sure if classy and Buffalo can be used in the same sentence!! LOL

      I would also say Pearl Street or Colter Bay as far as bars go and for dinner I would suggest Mother's or Left Bank. Good Luck!

      1. Are the bars and restaurants in all of New York smoke-free or is that only the case for the city?

        1. The Achor Bar - by far the best wings in Buffalo. Wouldn't go to Buffalo and not spend some time there.

          1. I actually like Pearl Street as a "sports bar" The food is meh. All bars/restaurants are non smoking (short of cigar bars, of which there are very few in Buffalo)..If you do take an trip to Niagara Falls, the NY side is sparce when it comes to food (besides the Red Coach Inn). You may be better off on the Canadian side if that is part of your plans