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Mar 11, 2007 05:34 PM

Help! Japanese a la Azami?

Hi all.

the mister is at work and im craving something light and delicious.
azami is closed on sunday so i have no idea what to do.
a search for "sushi" and "japanese" turned up so many options i couldnt get through them all. (i mean i read fast, but c'mon)
im looking for a place with quality fish but also a good assortment of other dishes.
hmmm, i just reminded myself of raku on olympic but i dont think they do sushi per se.
plus id like to stay over in the hollywoodish area though i am willing to travel for the right place.

all suggestions appreciated and welcomed! thanks!

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  1. Tough to find a "traditional" type of sushi place open on Sunday. Over in the West Hollywood area is Sushi Dan. It has a lot of very hip Calif. type sushi offerings but it may do in a pinch.

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    1. re: tony michaels

      I would avoid Sushi Dan at all costs. It is the most repulsive sushi experience I've had in LA, possibly ever. I'd recommend Ralph's sushi over Sushi Dan. Not that I've ever had Ralph's sushi, but....


      Boss Sushi on La Cienega (south of Wilshire) is open on Sundays and is a good, solid option any day of the week.

    2. Sunday is a tough day for sushi. Most of the best places (and I really like Azami) aren't open because they can't get the freshest fish, i.e., the fish markets aren't open either.
      I'm trying to think of an alternative for you, but nothing is coming to mind that's a suitable replacement for sushi...maybe Hungry Cat??

      1. One other possibility that is open on Sunday's is Matsuhisa in Beverly Hills. Not cheap but it would do the job.

        1. I've been to Asanebo in Studio City on a Sunday. Prett crowded, so table service was a little slow, but the fish was great nonetheless.

          1. thanks for all the replies!

            i ended up doing a search for japanese restaurants in the third street area between la cienega and fairfax and found yabu. its a place i walked by before that looked nice so tonight i decided to drop in.

            i had the omakase sashimi and it was pretty darn good. some things i was unfamiliar with (i should have asked) but some excellent bluefin toro and out of this world uni. fresh, sweet, like the ocean. sigh.

            i also had a seaweed sunomono, nasu miso, and chawan mushi. they bring out fresh orange, pineapple and strawberry at the end of the meal and it was a perfect finish.

            i really enjoyed my experience there aside from slightly inattentive service. i was there by myself so perhaps i just noticed it more sharply than i would have. i will definitely have to bring the mister here.

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              Did you find out what was in the omakase sashimi? I live up the street, and picked up the basic mixed Sashimi (the $30 order) last week, and had no idea what some of the fish was, and there was some that was excellent. Wondering if they gave you the same assortment...