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Mar 11, 2007 05:17 PM

English Breakfast near Marble Arch/Oxford St or Bloomsbury

What I'm looking for is somewhere I can find a quintesentially traditional English breakfast. Ideally this breakfast would be quite affordable and, more importantly, near Marble Arch or Bloomsbury. I'm staying on Oxford Street but realize I probably won't find much right there; I'm looking for something that may be located off a side street or something that I might not otherwise have noticed. I'm also spending some time by UCL's campus, so that's why I mentioned the Bloomsbury area.

Any good pubs, maybe with some history, by Marble Arch/Bond St tube stops would also be great. Ideally walking distance just for a quick pint or two would be better rather than something that's a tube or bus ride away.


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  1. You might want to check this out, good listing of many london cafes serving english breakfast

    This one used to be my local: it's excellent, cheap, friendly and atmospheric. honestly you can't go wrong. the pub opposite (Duke of York) is nice for a quick pint or two and pretty friendly, gets busy for the football but that's all part of the experience. If you want a bit more history, walk about 2 mins round the corner to the Windsor Castle. it's certainly an experience and you'll no doubt strike up a conversation with one of the regulars. In fact that immediate area and all the way up to Marylebone High Street, is a fantastic little place, has a village like feel, and full of interesting cafes, pubs and restaurants.