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Mar 11, 2007 04:59 PM

Good beer selection (store) in Astoria?

Can anyone recommend a good place to by beer in Astoria? I work in the Village and have been buying most of my beer at the Associated on Bleecker and Mercer, but I'm getting sick of shlepping everything on the N and then walking half a mile home. I'm interested in beers like Fuller's, Stone, Brooklyn Brewery, Belhaven. Not necessarily the Belgian ales...

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  1. Try Heliopolis Deli on Broadway (I think between 33rd and 34th) It's got a bright orange awning. They have a nice selection and sometimes they throw in nice beer glasses with a decent sized purchase. Also the place on 21st st and about 28th avenue owned by Raj..Lucky Beverage? I think the name might have changed. They have good stuff and good prices.

    1. i second Heliopolis. i found them to have a super eclectic combination

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        Heliopolis was a great recommendation- thanks! We finally made it down there yesterday (we live in the Ditmars end of things, so we don't get down to B'way as often as we'd like, especially given the great Mexican food). They have exactly the kind of beer selection I was looking for - a lot of great American craft brews. I picked up some Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout (North Coast), a couple of Stone beers including "Oaked" Arrogant Bastard Ale (which I had never seen before), and various Dogfish Head beers. The prices weren't spectacular (the 12-oz bottles were 2.99 each), but it's better than I've seen elsewhere, and the selection is unparalleled in the nabe.

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          Third Heliopolis (huge fan of the Rasputin). Also, Bravo supermarket on 34th Ave/35th St (the old Tupelo space) has a small but decent selection. Bargains: Fuller's pint bottles are $3.15, Samuel Smith Nut Brown and Oatmeal Stout also in the low $3s. Everything else is priced as anywhere elseā€”Dale's Pale Ale, Blue Point blueberry. OK, now I'm thirsty.

      2. You can always ask your nearest corner store for a particular kind of beer. The place near me stocks Mendocino's Red Tale Lager specifically for my SO.

        1. Slightly closer to Ditmars, you might want to try Euro Market on 31st St. just south of 30th Ave. They just started selling beer--they have a pretty wide selection, comparable to Heliopolis.

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            I'd also like to report that Rally's, or Sally's (depending on which sign you trust- the name of the place is printed two different ways) on 23rd Ave. and 28th or 27th street has a small but decent selection. The have some Dogfish Head and Stone beers, as well as all the Unibrou and some other things. A bit expensive, though.

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              I recently shopped at the Best Yet supermarket (37th St. between 20th and 19th Ave). They have quite a good beer selection, including a few kinds of Dogfish Head, Lagunitas, Victory, Stone, and a bunch of Belgian beers as well. The prices aren't terrible either.

          2. Triboro Beverage on Astoria Blvd and 41st all the beer you can drink.