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Mar 11, 2007 04:17 PM

Stainless steel marks on Le Creuset bottom

I have the white on white Le Creuset. My stainless steel sink has left marks on the bottoms. I suppose it is from placing it in the sink to wash and moving it around in the sink creates the marks. The Barkeepers Friend has been uneffective. Also is the barkeepers friend abrasion going to eventually wear off the shiny surface of the enamel? Will the Le Creuset cleaner help get the stainlees marks off? Can I get back the shine that was once there?

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  1. I am renewing this thread in the hope that someone answers. We got our first Le Creuset pieces as wedding gifts and want to keep them beautiful. If they get scratched on bottom or those metal scratches inside on the enamel, will bar keeper's friend, soft scrub or what be best?

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      I learned a lot in this discussion... Though it's mostly about interior cleaning. Only method I've had luck with for interior staining (I never use metal utensils with it) is warming a bleach solution in it and letting it sit overnight. Ventilation while warming! The abrasiveness of the other cleaners definitely wears on it, but so does the bleach, so I've had to learn to live with some marks I don't like between deep cleanings. Some more info:

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        That's a good idea... didn't work at all on interior cooking stains, but may work on the sink marks.